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I am too young to end the fun and too old to play childish all day. I wouldn't like to spend time for emotion sickness and sit around being non-productive. I have many missions and goals to overcome. In time, I understand things won't always turn out right but I promise to enjoy most. I do not play game so don't get it twisted because I do get complicated sometimes. My dream is to win lottery and fight poverty and orphanage in Vietnam.


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  • 2 Beauty: how much ?

  • bogia: như bưối

  • bogia: nhu lồn

  • 3 Beauty: úi .. nick màu kìa .. thảo nào sao mờ wá .. hehe anh .. have a sweet dream nhé!

  • Kieutie: thằng khùng

  • Kem®: hei .. đội cái mũ rất jống taxi driver

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