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Datehookup.com........beautiful guys người ugly người ugly hehe lols i love you i feel headche i miss you han anh có yêu em hong ??? yeah hehe...engage marige and wining laundery... cooking and being good wife until older.... who want to be my bodygurd text me: twitter.com/Beautythuy thuyle.s5.com thanks hehe lols eat, sleep, hospital, hmm love not yet looking one baby hoepfully i get work and at home or something else if not i dónt know beside stay home till everything pefect from money hmm honey me yeah too is somebody wait for me i change my life so quick but anyway i dónt know laters a few yrs...... check out my friend at : https://www.facebook.com/thuy.le.52056223#!/thuy.le.52056223 my myspace.com/thuylepretty :P

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  • thuy_le không có bạn bè nào hết. Pùn ghê :(


  • thuy_le: if i ever dream to married with a handsome prince is it come true???? or is it days dreaming???? hmmm....

  • thuy_le: it just another days for tommorrow

  • thuy_le: i need long time period guys if not im singles...

  • thuy_le: im sick today julie work instead omg it's complicated i saw broken x i hope every time he show up just by himself or else i want to kill him with couple ...im serous person....lifés suck ass...:>

  • thuy_le: my cousin john taking driving test written test too hope he pass and grow up lil bit too and pass graduate school too so he can be good student same with my other cousin so hope life bring good luck to him yeah...wish him luck so íts mine heheh :>

  • thuy_le: valentine and new years come up im thinking something else to do ....hmmm life

  • thuy_le: năm moi{*'n hong biết just new years and merry chritnmas to u too long trac an...

  • Lòng Trắc Ẩn: uh năm mới sắp đến rồi sao .. vẫn chưa kết hôn huh .. hay chờ Ken he

  • thuy_le: *merry chritstmas and happy new years **** thanks....lala

  • thuy_le: up on air so yeaeh just chat mwyself i guess see ya later...

  • thuy_le: today i feel lonelly but my cousin there i feel happy anyway im okie not bad hope it good too hehhe wat goin on i don;t know beside chatting i dónt chat vietnamese i chat lil bit anyway it okie i hope say it forget english i dont watn too my mind soemtime

  • thuy_le: chao khoa nguyen gen khoe hong yeah???

  • Khoa Nguyễn: Chào chị

  • thuy_le: with me and stay safe online so in real life thank you ihope so yeah.....

  • thuy_le: i miss myspace im back thank goodness annyway i join there but no friend yet just music i guess it different now hehehe anyway for fun i dónt complain much so it okie as long as i have furn well well i be good this time not like other time so just bare wi

  • thuy_le: lkheehehehe i love u ????

  • thuy_le: doi la van ngay sau biet tim vui chon khi ta vui ben nhau an tinh chi co dai lau

  • thuy_le: okie có gi ai chat minh toi

  • thuy_le: oi troi biet het ron

  • Lòng Trắc Ẩn: nói gì đó .. muốn bị phạt hong ..

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