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Name / Mokujin Fighting Style / Mokujin Ken Nationality / Unknown ----------------------------------------------------------- Mokujin was a wooden dummy used to train martial artists made from white oak. Mokujin started to move all of a sudden two years ago but ceased moving after Ogre was defeated by Jin Kazama. When returned to the museum. Mokujin's face seemed to be smiling. Once again Mokujin has started to move upon the emergence of a powerful entity.. Will Mokujin ever be free?


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  • RồngCon: nick gì đọc đc chết liền

  • ĐẸP TRAI KHÉT TIẾNG: liếc con mắt ben fãi, liếc con mắt ben trái, cã 2 mát cùng liếc hum coá ai huh ? ... mát woá á !

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