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    Flirty Flirty, 2 góp ý

    HIs last visit in my heart is hidden from me,
    everytime he leaves me a comment or message my heart is warm again,
    without his kind,warm words my heart turns cold,
    i wish we weren't so far apart,
    i love him with all my heart,
    the worst part is,
    he doesn't even know it.

    I am lonely without him,
    i feel lonely if he leaves those kind words,
    i know he will go away for awhile,
    other than that i'll await his return,
    so he can hold me in his arms

    I donate this poem to a very special poem to my very special friends. Wolf, night, Mol and Mol mother

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    Flirty Flirty, 0 góp ý

    Quick story I just thought of.
    My name is Kisa Konda, I am 13 and i go to an American school called Kimberly Middle. I have lots of friends though I dónt think i am pretty enough though. Everybody likes me, i dónt know why. I am pretty much shy, but I wanted to get out there and do something. Everybody said I could run very fast. I can outrun any adult in my family. So I decieded to run track. I didn't really seem to pay much attetion to the boys, but only to take a glance at them to see who was on it. After our third practice i was really hyper and wanted to play and run somemore so I decided to play tag with the boys. One of them caught me, a boy named Mac. After a month sometime in March we went to Millwood Híghs track meet. The kids ran fast, very fast. I was very happy to know I wouldn't be racing them, I would be still a fourth there and they would already be at the finish line. It wasn't long until it started raining. It was very cold and mostly everybody had jackets expect for four of us. All the boys had jackets, lucky them. But me, unlucky, I dídnt even wear a jacket today. Mac came over to me and asked,"You need a jacket? You are soaking wet and cold."
    "No you need it..I am fine! Dónt worry about me.."I replied.
    "Nah I feel bad...All the girls have jackets and you don't and I feel bad. So, take it."Mac bribed. "Fine...seeing that you won't give up until I take it. Thank you very much Mac. But still, you didn't have too. Uh here it is big enough for both of us to share.."I said. We both sat there talking and sitting next to each other.... I kinda found out we both liked each other because we kissed. Mac really is sweet....The sweetest guy on earth, yeah i married him. MY HAPPY ENDỊNG

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    ~~~ The Glass Heart ~~

    By: Cheyenne Hunter

    Chapter 1: John's first day in a Strange World

    Our storty begins with a boy named John, but he perfers Dark. His first day in
    The Kingdom was strange. It is divided into five Lands; Adventure, Fantasy, New Orleans,
    Tmorrow, and The Village. Dark had a brother as well, Leon, he perfers Night. Their cousin,
    Cheyenne ( Likes to be called Shiny) calls them the Dark Night Brothers. Dark didn't know
    which land to go to first. He chose Fantasyland, Hide 'n' Seek Forest. He saw a beautiful creature,
    a half wolf half human girl. She was called Wolf but her real name was Kishhus. Dark befriended
    Wolf, and instantly fell in love with her. Strange isn't it? He wanted to join the army, he found one
    called the Black Rose Amry. He found a vampire named Jenny. He fell in love with her too.
    After quite some time they became an item, Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Dark wanted Night to fall in
    love too. So he got Night and introduced him to Wolf. Night wasn't exactly nice like Dark, no, he
    wasn't nice at all. He was rather cold, expect to this girl named Red. Night was still friends with Wolf.
    Then one day Red lost it and Night and Red split apart. During this heart-break Night suddenly
    attracted to Wolf. He didn't want to admit it, to him or anyone else. But he only let out tiny hints. Over
    time Wolf had a crush on Night as well, but she had a boyfriend. Even so, things weren't going so well
    with her boyfriend Justin. Red started to like Night again. Night and Wolf didn't take this so well.
    Everybody knows that Night has a glass heart.

    Chapter 2 Night's Glass Heart
    A simple touch, "Ping!" made his heart break. As nice as wolf was she changed this icy being.
    She made Night nicer. Dark and Shiny was shocked. Night being nice? It was a good change, but scary.
    Night has never been nice, only to Red and that is it. Love was the only thing that could change him. Why
    love for? Then again Wolf is his friend but he didn't love her when she changed him. When Red broke up with Night,
    His glass heart shattered. Is this Wolf girl the one who tame this Icy being? "Dark, Wolf is the only person,
    I believe that can tame Night. He may loose her though. Can Wolf heal Night or will he hurt her?

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    [color=red][/color] Happy V-day everybody!! Ty for everything my friends! I loved you wishes and gifts

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    Look at you now
    By: Cheyenne Hunter

    I guess you just couldn't take someone having a better life,
    So you went to screw it up,
    Just remember you can't change the past,
    so watch what you do and say,
    but you can change the future,
    but look what you made me,
    My nails are black,
    I have cuts on my wrist,
    I silt my throat,
    I cry,
    you were the closest thing I had to love,
    I had that before,
    but when you screwed up my life,
    I lost that,
    bet you are sorry now,
    so be careful what you say and do,
    you can't change the past,
    but you can change the future,
    bet you are sorry what you said and did,
    My nails are black,
    I cut myself,
    I used to be normal,
    but look at what you made me,
    you can still change me,
    there is still time,
    time to make it better,
    but not back to normal.

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    Shocked Shocked, 0 góp ý

    and another one
    Your Heart
    By: Cheyenne Marie Hunter

    When I see your eyes I can tell who you are,
    but not as good as your heart,
    when you wrap you arms around me I can feel you,
    but still I can't see who you really are,
    When we kiss I can tell you love me,
    even when we do kiss you love me more than I know,
    What do you see in my heart,
    I see who you really are in your heart,
    sometimes you don't mean what you say,
    sometimes you do,
    but only your heart knows,
    and no one else,
    no matter what you say,
    you can fool me,
    but not your heart,
    You know what I see in your heart,
    I see the real you,
    I see how much you really love me,
    I see how you look at things,
    I see the real you,
    tat no one else sees,
    I know how you feel about everything and everyone,
    and now that I see the real you,
    I love you even more,
    what do you see in me?

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    I am calm today...well here is a poem i wrote
    1,000 Broken wings
    Based on Broken Wings by Flyleaf
    and a special thanks to them too
    By: Cheyenne Hunter

    One thousand broken wings I fall on,
    Somehow it gives me comfort,
    The comfort you didn't give me,
    Those broken wings are,
    1,000 broken hearts,
    But I get my wings repaired,
    because those broken hearts
    remind me I'm not alone,
    But there you go being you,
    and tearing them up again,
    the pattern is then formed,
    Then I come to realise,
    that you'll keep being you,
    and you are just not the one,
    when I come back you'll,
    break my wings agian and again,
    I give you so many chances,
    I loved you so,
    but now that's gone,
    I'm flying away without my love,
    I'm flying away with broken wings,
    I'm going away with a broken heart,
    How could you've been so cruel,
    Now I make 1,001 broken wings.

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    Loved Loved, 2 góp ý


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