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  • silencemoon: omg! i love ur avatar...its so pwetty...

  • billclinton408: okie Iam glad somone can understand u more than me, and nicer, that's a ver sweetest thing if somone has been loving u, , I guess iam not that type of person, sorry to make u hate me now but íts okay with me,

  • billclinton408: and meet new people u know, dónt take it too seriously will ya happy like me, messing around with others, and they all love me u know okie dorkie Kisa :grin:

  • billclinton408: come on kisa, he's just playing aorund with u, u know, 1 thing that i think is good about him is he's cool and friendly, and besides, when ur online, y dónt u just have fun instead of hating others, online we just messing around

  • silencemoon: Shiny, i love that poem u made " black rose says it all" so touching my fav. out of all of your poems...this is the most touching. Sometimes when i get mad, i turn into a tomato...

  • billclinton408: humm dónt know what ur trying to say? what do u want to sảy kisa? u liked to believed in people? humm, u sure about that???

  • Quỹ Lệ: what lady .. hahahahah .. it sad u drop me but it alright _ _^__^

  • Quỹ Lệ: kakakakakakaakakakaka

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