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  • xixonconuong: no do you have any pix that have a black hair girl and a blond hair guy with something like ''me and xixonconuong'?

    uhm u think no sorry
  • wack: oh heheheh mine ym is laz_daizy not wack hehehe feel free and ađ me as a friend :)

    ok haha nice to meet u anyway do u have myspace
  • wack: Hello rubypham who is sponỉ

    haha i though u was my friend spoon haha sorry cuz her nick name is wack in ym
  • xixonconuong: naruto i guess ,a blonde hair guy and a black haired girl or maybe i asked wrong person

    i think so cuz i dón't have pix black hair guy
  • xixonconuong: hey b4 i saw you got a pic of naruto with a girl with black hair, can you tell me how đi you find ỉt

    wat pix u talking about naruto and hinata or wat

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