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  • konoki_kid: and about ur bros >.> i don't really prefer viet guys hehehehe ... =P tell me if u know any great chinese guys or jap or korean ^.^ lol

  • konoki_kid: yah, it's been awhile and i guess i'm getting over it now . Almost completely. I know this one guy, he's not that great at all .. But i think i like him and he seems like so too. but i really don't wanna start a relationship yet, and i know he doesn't either. We've been friends for so long. So how's u ? anything new ? thanks xixon, ur something more than a close friend to me too. Like a sister. I luv u and wish u the best. I'm doing good over here ^.^

  • konoki_kid: yeah, I guess we're still young and I don't think you're gonna be single for your whole life , trust me haha. Thanks for caring, I think those guys are still too kidish for me, I'm still looking for a right one. But not now, after a storm, I need time to settle down and completely get over it before I start another u know... I'm tired to talk about guys now, I think I even hate them, sao gặp ai cũng thich. I'm turning emo too, I start hanging out with some emos and they're actually cute. Except for some, they told me to go in the bathroom , look in the mirror and laugh with them O.o But I'm not an emo yet ^.^

  • konoki_kid: he sounds cute .... But i suggest just to be friends first, xixon. There are some guys out there crushing on me but I don't know why i just don't know why I have no feeling at all. And I'm still thinking about the last relationship. I'm glad you got over it. I wish I could one day be like you, find another happiness. haha, yeah, Vietnamese guys are "old fashion" now , hahaha . shhh...... *looking around , o one is here, continue to laugh * hahahahahha

  • konoki_kid: nah, hés back to Taiwan, that's a good thing. But I still couldn't not think about it. Anyway I hope one day I will forget him and find the right guy. Yesterday I had a dream really weird, he was back with me, maybe i was thinking too much, but we weren't really happy like before any more in that dream. You know, his mom still likes me a lot and we're still sending emails, she sent me gift too. Or actually it was from him , the gift that he wanted to send long ago. And I don't blame it on him for the pain, it's just ..fate . What about that ... vietnamese guy, over already ? haha , tell me 'bout that chinese guy ^^ I wish u luck

  • konoki_kid: haha , it's weird , it seems like ur there with me through this love's cycle all the time ^^

  • konoki_kid: xixon I love u T__T I'm okay... I'm not gonna get down because of a guy. No no no no. That time I figured out that girl called him at 3 a.m. everyday just to wake him up to school, and she sat behind him, when she broke up with her bf she called him and he supported her (when he just broke up with me the day before and never pick up my call). I wonder how people can live trái với lương tâm , but now, him, I don't care. I got u ^^

  • konoki_kid: ya.. I got shocked and got hurt a lot also. But I let him go, with his new gf -__-" it's been 6 months, guess wat.. I still like him, I don't know what I'm thinking. How could you like someone who cheated on u, we're not even close, I don't even talk to him now to help myself but I just can''t stop loving..... but I'm totally fine I guess , I got used to it.

  • konoki_kid: I'm glad ur back, and ya! we did , how did u know ? that was long long ago .. haha -_-"

  • konoki_kid: i even guess it's because he know he's gonna be gone. So he wouldn't want to move on, and wouldn't leave me either. I also think that is that, don't think too much.... tell me wat u think, thanks for supporting

  • konoki_kid: I once told him i really wanna see him everyday, but sometimes i'm scared of that look of him on the hallway. Not because he's scary or something but because i'm afraid if someday he dissapears, i would feel missing, and i would cry for sure. He told me back he's gonna walk slow. I said don't walk slow because you feel sorry for me. If u want me to remember u, walk slow. If u think i shouldn't , just move on real fast before i look for you. ......... The next day he walked really slow ! after i got home, he left a message that said " i was walking slow because i was kindda tired, and the teacher let us leave early "

  • konoki_kid: he said he does not know, maybe he will come back ... He spent money to come here just for a travel , he's kinda rich but i don't think he's gonna come back before he's 20 or even 30 ...

  • konoki_kid: it's kinda weird to give him a note then run away, but it's already weird ... so.. haha

  • konoki_kid: well i think u đi give me a solution, because ím a girl and i don't want to start it first ...

  • konoki_kid: oh... đọc từ dưới lên, sorry for interupting and thank you for caring , hhuu

  • konoki_kid: The biggest problem is ......... he's going back to Taiwan on July, and there are only 26 school days left, i don't wanna waste my time, should i just stop everytime i see him and walk with him like i always wanted ? should i ? T.T

  • konoki_kid: We chat everyday until midnight , nonstop ... I found out i got a crush !! in fact, he and i have sooo much in common that i can't imagine

  • konoki_kid: I really have an issue ... . Tell u wat, i knew that TAiwanese guy for the beginning of the year. But we just talk for about this week. And not really talk, we talk on the internet only, it sounds so weird . But whenever i come to school, he and i always look for each other. Just a look, and and move on =.=

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