slamdunk (volume17)

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  • Ryonan Vs Kainan. With just 8 and a half minutes to go, the score stands at 56 to 61, Ryonan leading. But Kainan have now started to fight back. Maki is in possession of the ball with Sendoh marking him. Even Sendoh doesn't stop Maki from getting by him and scoring. Uozumi also tries ot stop Maki, but ends up fouling, giving Maki an extra free throw. The score is within 7 points of each other. Takasago on the next Kainan offensive, purposely makes Uozumi commit a foul. This means that Uozumi has now 3 personal fouls. Sendoh warns Uozumi to be careful, and Maki tells Takasago to use any means to make Uozumi foul. Takasago pretends to act like he was pushed in front of Uozumi. The referee blows Uozumi for the 4th time personal foul. Uozumi complains at how unfair it was, he didn't lift a finger. The referee ends up blowing the whistle again sending Uozumi off. Without Uozumi that means that Ryonan is one player short and weakened in defense under the basket. Fukuda is subbed off with Ryoji Ikegami. The reason is that Ryonan's defense is weakened and Ikegami is a good defender. Alas Kainan have successfully recovered the lost points and lead by one point against Ryonan. Sendo realises that his team is in dire straits, and decides to go on the offensive. Sendoh is going to use his own skill to get as many points as possible. The match soon boils down to two people, Maki and Sendoh, each possessing the skill to win the match. Maki scores only to be annulled by Sendoh evening the score. Fukuda is subbed back in to help Sendoh scoring points. With only 30 seconds left Fukuda scores making the score 79 to 77 against Ryonan. Sendoh in the last 5 seconds evens the score 79 to 79. Note Sendoh tried to make Maki foul before scoring the 2 points, hence getting a free throw. But Maki realised and backed off. The game goes into extra time (2 minutes). The end result is Kainan winning 89 to 83. Meanwhile Akagi and Kogure left during the match on receiving a phone call from Haruko. Haruko says that Anzai sensei has gone into hospital. On arriving there they find Hanamichi crying and running away. Akagi, Kogure and Ayako(just arrived)expected the worst. When they entered, they found to their relief Anzai sensei asleep. The wife tells them that Hanamichi called the Ambulance in the nick of time. Anzai sensei was wtching Hanamichi practice his rebound shooting, when he suddenly collapsed. Hanamichi immediately called the ambulance and phone the wife first thing. In the street Hanamichi walks, recalling a past memory when his father also fainted and he wanted to get the ambulance, some thugs picked at that time to beat him up and not letting him call the ambulance. Tears line his eyes. Back in the Shohoku sports hall, Hanamichi meets Mitsui, Ryota and Rukawa to tell them of what happened to Anzai sensei. They hear and are sad, but Hanamichi says he has to finish his rebound shooting. He has still 1172 shots to shoot. All of them decided to help him. Next day, the match Shohoku Vs Ryonan. Akagi tells ion place of Anzai sensei the strategy, DEFENSIVE 1 TO 1 formation. Akagi marks Uozumi, Rukawa guards Sendoh, Mitsui against Hiroaki Koshino, Ryota marks Tomoyuki Uekusa. Lastly Hanamichi is responsible for Fukuda. The match begins Uozumi wins the jump ball. Sendoh gets the ball, but Rukawa swipes the ball and almost gets it. Fukuda receives the pass, and shoots. Hanamichi leaps and deflects the ball as it falls towards the basket. Referee blows fthe whistle against Hanamichi for interference above the basket. This means that Fukuda gets the 2 points, even if the ball didn't get in. Fukuda though is good at attacking, his defense is very weak. Hanamichi gets the ball stolen by Koshino, Ryota manages to steal it back. A long pass goes to Hanamichi, who no one is marking, and scores using a rebound shot. Ryonan's couch Moichi Taoka is surprised at how Hanamichi has graspped the skill to score in so short a time. A rebound at the Shohoku basket area is recovered by Hanamichi, Fukuda is impressed. Hanamichi passes to Ryota who is running up. The pass is too strong and ends up going into the press at the side of the match, knocking 3 people over. Sendoh uses Isolation formation, which is to drawe all players away from the attacking player, letting the player be 1 on 1 against his opponent. Fukuda is left to face Hanamichi, in a blur Fukuda gets by Hanamichi, but Mitsui is ready and pretends to fall, making the referee blow the whistle aginst Fukuda for fouling.

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