slamdunk (volume 18)

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  • As the match continues, the conflict turns to Akagi versus Uozumi. With a quick pivot Akagi gets passed Uozumi. Akagi goes for the dunk, but Uozumi using his monstrous strength takes both Akagi and ball hitting the ground. During the fall Akagi hits his head making him lose his concentration. Without concentration, Akagi worries about his foot and his defense drops. Ryonan take the chance to their advantage. Fukuda once again scores against Hanamichi, Akagi can't even pass properly. Uozumi manages to defend against Akagi and score. The score 4 to 11 in Ryonan's favor. Akagi obviously isn't playing his usual level of game. Uozumi is about to do another dunk, when Hanamichi leaving his guard against Fukuda, runs to stop Uozumi. Both hands on ball, Hanamichi brings both ball and Uozumi (and himself) crashing to the floor. Uozumi misses both of the free throws, and Shohoku calls for a time out. Mitsui on the side bench gets at Akagi for not playing properly. What about the national championship? Have we come so far just to be defeated here. Akagi slaps himself to get himself to concentrate. At that moment, Hanamichi gives Akagi a lump on his head (using his head) to awakwen the gorilla natuer in Akagi. This works and Akagi once again is back to his usual self. Uozumi fails to stop Akagi dunking, but Fukuda is there to swipe the ball away. Hanamichi gets the ball and prepares to do a power slam. However Uozumi is already in the air, and uses his strength to bring Hanamichi to teh floor. Comicla scene with Hanamichi losing his cool and sees Sauichiro (on Ookusu's shoulder's) dressed up as Uozumi runs after them. Hanamichi ends up taking the 2 free throws points and scores 1 of them. Akagi's defense stops Fukuda from scoring. Ryonan calls for a time out to rethink their strategy. Score 7 to 13 Ryonan winning. Taoka decides to have all attack based on Fukuda. Since Hanamichi is the weak defender, it is much easier to score from his side. Then the scene swithes to Fukuda's past. In the past Fukuda played basketball on the streets and not properly in the high school. He wasn't a good player and yet he wanted to be Sendoh's partner. One thing Fukuda does have is the unwillingness to be defeated, and absolute will to get to the basket. Going back to reality, Fukuda is scoring. Sendoh gets the ball and passes to Fukuda, Mid Air Dunk. Hanamichi jumps as well, but fails to stop Fukuda. Worse is yet to come, Hanamichi comes down hard into the chairs at the side of the court, leaving a cut on his head. Unfortunately for him, he ends up being subbed off, Fukuda saying to him that he (Fukuda) won.

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