slamdunk (volume 21)

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  • Mitsui is taken off the match, Kogure is subbed in. Mitsui in the hall is grieving at the waste of the last 2 years, which has reduced him in physical fitness. Meanwhile, Awuta (Judo team leader of Shohoku) has arrived to support Akagi. Shohoku are on the offense, Kogure gets blocked by Uozumi, and Sendoh receives the ball. At the Shohoku basket area, Sendoh does a back pass to Fukuda. Everyone thinks the game is over if Ryonan gets this shot in. However Hanamichi appeared out of nowhere and stops Fukuda. Fukuda passes to Koshino. Koshino shoots, but Akagi is there to swipe the shot away. Meanwhile another rebound is fought over by Akagi and Sendoh. Sendoh manages to snatch the ball. Immediately Rukawa guards Sendoh, but is fooled by a quick swerve to the left. Shock comes as Sendoh finds Hanamichi out of nowhere grasping the ball too. The ball is deflected, and the referee blows for a jump ball to see who gains possession. Mitsui has since returned to the arena. Hanamichi mis-times his jump and Sendoh gains the ball. A spectacular pass is made to Uozumi. Akagi is slow to react because of his position with 4 personal fouls, Uozumi looks sure to get the ball into the basket. Yet again Hanamichi comes to the rescue and swats the ball away. Score 65 TO 64. Shohoku takes possession to Ryonan's side and Hanamichi takes a shot to get 2 more points. The ball misses and Hanamichi recovers it back. Ryota gains the ball, and his pass to Kogure gets intercepted. Thankfully the ball rolls out of bounds. Shohoku's throw, and Kogure gives the ball to Rukawa. Sendoh manages to steal the ball away and passes to Ikegami. Ikegami is makes a long pass, and Hanamichi intercepts. Everyone is shocked, Ryonan players gathered around Rukawa to stop him scoring. However Hanamichi passes to Kogure who scores 3 points. Score 68 to 64. Scene now reflects on Kogure's past. He and Akagi are the only 2 players left from the 3rd year who still play basketball. The joining of Hanamichi and Rukawa, plus the return of Ryota and Mitsui has brought back hope in his life. Taoka calls for a time out. With less than a minute. Sendoh attacks, avoiding Rukawa, Akagi and Hanamichi to slam in 2 points. However Shohoku have the ball again and Akagi gives Uozumi the slip. Fukuda has neglected Hanamichi to stop Akagi. The ball misses, and a silouhette appears wearing a number 10. The ball is caught and slammed in. Hanamichi has once again forced the score back. All Shohoku players ran back to defend their basket, hence stopping Sendoh of any chance to score. Shohoku won the match 70 to 66. Later Taoka tells the press that it is his fault that Ryonan lost. He underestimated 2 people, Kogure and Hanamichi. The awards are presented to the team. Kainan and Shohoku. MVP is Kainan's Shinichi Maki. 5 Voted Valuable players are Maki, Soichiro Jin, Sendoh, Akagi and Rukawa. The Shohoku team go to the hospital to celebrate the good news with Anzai sensei. A week afterwards, Hanamichi and his guntai are at the pachinko shop to earn some living. Maki and Nobunga pass by and bump into the bunch. With interest Hanamichi tags along with the 2 Kainan players to see what competition lies in the national championship. Obviously traveling by rail in JAPAN isn't something Hanamichi can afford and so a loan is taken out with Nobunga. Arriving at their destination, Maki tells Hanamichi about Aiwa basketball team's ace player Moroboshi Dai. Only at that moment they find that Moroboshi is being taken off the match with a back injury. It turns out that he was injured by a 1st year monk head of Meihou Kougyou. In the match Maki is stunned to see Aiwa behind in the score. The 1st year responsible is called Morishige Hiroshi 199cm 100kg. Aiwa lost the match to Meihou Kougyou. On the other hand Rukawa has gone to Anzai sensei's house to ask for permission to go to America to play basketball. Anzai sensei disagrees and asks Rukawa to first become Japan's Number 1 player. Hikoichi (Ryonan's information gathering boy) gets a letter to go to visit his friend at Toyotama High. When he arrives their he is surprised to notice the change in attitude in his friend, also the unforgiveable insult to his idol Sendoh by Toyotama's Kishimoto. Hikoichi is going to record all information about Toyotama and give it to rival teams, starting with Shohoku. Hikoichi soon finds out that Toyotama isn't the 1st representative of its district. Dai Gakuen High has beaten Toyotama, its star player plays much in the same style as Sendoh.

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  • trời ơi chắc bỏ nhiều thời giờ ra đánh truyện này nha thanks alot

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