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  • Marmalade Boy

    This story revolves around the main character Miki whom her parents decided to swap partners with another couple. Both four adults move in to live together and along they brought a son. Things became hectic with the new lifestyle but slowly Miki developed feelings for the new step-brother Yuu. There love is such bitter-sweet like marmalade however they can overcome any hardship on their path except when they found out that they could real-siblings…

    For further summary go here http://www-personal.umich.edu/~jblough/Story.htm

    Why did I like this anime so much? Because it has a special warp just like a black hole that drawn me into it. For 2 weeks I cannot do anything until I finished the whole 52 episodes. It made me laughed and cried over the whole show. Sometimes I feel quite depressed just like the characters in it.
    But the most significant character I want to present is Yuu. He is cool, good looking, smart, funny well yeah this is what most girls admire just like Tuxedo Mask in Sailormoon . However, deep down he possessed the deepest concealed feelings; his care, his worries and his love. Throughout the whole show it was based on Miki’s point of view but we can see Yuu’s love for Miki was too great. It’s not about possession but sacrifice for the person you love. Seeing that person is happy would make you happy. The saddest moment is when he found out that Miki could be his real sister. His trouble could not be expressed to anyone. He couldn’t tell Miki because he doesn’t want to break her heart. Instead he decided to leave her and live in pain for the rest of his life. I cannot describe how sad it is.
    Overall, this anime is very interesting to watch. Not only about the two main characters Miki and Yuu but there are other relationships involved such as a teacher and Miki’s best friends Meiko, the rich boy. They all have their own story to tell and such perspectives. I advise that people who loves anime, romance and interested in human behaviour to watch this. The music are very good too!

    Here are a few pictures...they are cute!

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  • download can be found in truyentranh.org

    Grin Grin

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  • nice .. mình đã có đọc truyện này rùi .. nưng chỉ được đọc phần đâu thùi .. thiệ là câu truyện này .. có một cái twist rất lạ heehè .

    íts great ... ^^

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  • wicked 8) Giggling

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  • Death nhóc aki ko lo làm giám khảo mà chạy zô dây 8888 tùm lum

    @tieumanu bài của bạn cũng dược dó hi vọng bạn sẽ dc giải nhất Grin

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  • Haha chắc không có ai challenge phải không?
    Nếu một mình TMN thi thì thắng là chắc rồi Giggling

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  • truyện này có vui ko vậy?

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  • terryman wrote:truyện này có vui ko vậy?

    Coi đi rồi biết
    Not a total commedy but very good.

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