Fellowship of the Ring - John R.R. Tolkien (bookI: 12ch; bkII: 10 ch. -- Finished)

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  • Fellowship of the Ring

    John R. R. Tolkien

    Book II



    As the records of Gondor relate this was Argeleb II, the twentieth of the Northern line, which came to an end with Arvedui three hundred years later.


    Thus, the years of the Third Age in the reckoning of the Elves and the Dunedain may be found by adding 1600 to the dates of Shire-reckoning.


    See Appendix B: annals 1451, 1462, 1482; and note at end of Appendix C.


    Represented in much reduced form in Appendix B as far as the end of the Third Age.


    See note, III 54.


    Elves (and Hobbits) always refer to the Sun as She.


    The Brandywine River


    See Note in Appendix F: Of the Elves.

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