slam dunk volume 34

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  • Aota's attempt to make Hanamichi join the Judo team fails, but unknowing to Hanamichi and Awuta is that some other people are watching from the outside. Namely Akagi, Kogure, and Ayako. What Hanamichi said ' I want to play Basketball because I am a Basketball player.' brings on a great change in Akagi. Akagi goes about training with renewed vigor. Another surprise is Akagi asks Anzai sensei to allow Hanamichi to learn how to shoot. Akagi's request left Hanamichi in shock. Anyway Rukawa is called to demonstrate the simple 'Up lay shot'. Hanamichi isn't interested in Rukawa performing the shot and tries to sabotage the attempt. When it comes to his turn he manages to mess up each attempt, but still he doesn't want Rukawa to give another demonstration. In the end Hanamichi throws a ball at Rukawa' head to stop Rukawa performing. His excuse ' Oophs the ball suddenly slipped'. Rukawa does the same and says the ball slipped out of his hand. Then with feinted apology to Rukawa, an unbelievable concept coming from Hanamichi, Rukawa is willing to demonstrate again. However Hanamichi gets the Basketball bin and drops all the balls on Rukawa, then repeatedly hitting Rukawa on the head with Basketballs. Rukawa gets mad and retaliates. Soon the Basketball bin is thrown high in the air and lands on Akagi. Hence the likeness of a Gorilla behind bars. Both Rukawa and Hanamichi have been stopped practice, and Hanamichi is not allowed further time to practice shooting. The next morning Haruko is running and sees someone in the local Basketball area. It is Hanamichi practicing the 'Up Lay shot' , but with little success. Haruko assists and tells Hanamichi how she has learnt to shoot. With distasteful reminders of Rukawa's performance, Hanamichi finally learns how to shoot. (Rukawa has been in the bushes during their practice and has seen how Hanamichi succeeds. Rukawa seems to always go to this local Basketball area to practice, but Hanamichi and Haruko arrives first, hence he is waiting in the bushes for them to leave.) In the gym, Akagi is scornful at Hanamichi's success, whilst Kogure is complementing Hanamichi's achievement. As night falls Hanamichi is left alone to practice by himself. Hikoichi Aida (scout from Ryonan) arrives to gather information about Rukawa and meets up with Hanamichi. On first impression Hikoichi mistook him for Rukawa, then if not Rukawa it must be Akagi. Hanamichi isn't impressed with each remark and gives Hikoichi a lump on the head each time. Hikoichi learns that Hanamichi is the next captain of Shohoku (boasting on Hanamichi's part) and that he has even defeated Akagi. On the other hand Hanamichi learns of Ryonan's ace player Sendo Akira and their captain Uozumi Jun. The next day after training, Akagi calls Hanamichi to stay behind. Akagi wants to teach Hanamichi about getting the REBOUNDS. Hanamichi learns from Akagi that 'The person who controls the Rebounds, controls the progress of the game.' The scene shifts to the day when Shohoku is going against Ryonan. On the train, the passengers are alerted to the height of Akagi, Rukawa and Hanamichi. What's more, Akagi wants the entire team to warm up on the train, by lifting up their backsides 1cm off the seat. Arriving at Ryonan, Hanamichi starts by shouting his objective ' I am going to defeat Sendo'. This surprises everyone in the gym, and Akagi hits Hanamichi for being ill-mannered. Ryonan's coach Moichi Taoka goes to greet Anzei sensei. In the locker room, Anzai sensei gives the starting 5 and positions they play. Hanamichi learns much to his distress that he isn't on the starting 5. A ruckus ensues, but Anzai sensei says the reason for him not being on the starting 5 is that he wants him to be his secret weapon. At those words Hanamichi calms down and even ends up getting Rukawa's designated shirt number 10, Rukawa ends up getting 11. In the gym, Taoka sensei is having a fit over Sendo's apparent lateness. At that moment, Sendo arrives out of breathe. He has overslept and has run all the way from home. Hanamichi goes to greet Sendo. His words are 'I am secret weapon Sakuragi Hanamichi. I will defeat you Sendo.' At what he says, Sendo smiles and shakes Hanamichi's hand.

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