slam dunk volume 8

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  • Thugs have just arrived at the Shohoku gym to wreck havoc. All end up getting beaten up leaving Hanamichi to fend for himself, luckily Sakuragi guntai arrive to help. Conflict ensues, and it is favor of Sakuragi guntai. Sauchiro and Ookusu have successful defeated their opponents, whilst Mitsui is getting beaten up by Yohei. Tetsuo learns that Hanamichi is a much more terrifying fighter, and gets floored. Meanwhile outside the gym the commotion inside has lead to the training instructors shouting for the gym doors to be open. (To avoid the teachers seeing the fighting, Kogure (3rd year Basketball player with glasses) had the doors shut). At the sight of Tetsuo getting defeated, the other minor thugs rush to open the doors to escape. What greeted them is the sight of Akagi, who sees Mitsui and ends up closing the door behind him to shut out the training instructors. Kogure ends up telling everyone that Mitsui is a former basketball player. In the past Mitsui won the national championships (Junior high) and was voted MVP (Most Valuable Player). He sacrificed going to other strong basketball team schools (like Kainan and Ryonan) and even the offer of scholarship to join Shohoku. The reason behind his decision was Anzai sensei. If it weren't for Anzai sensei who encouraged him to fight until the end, he wouldn't have won the finals or become MVP. It was also the time that Shohoku team has a new player taller than 190 cm. Yes it is Takenori Akagi (bald hair cut). Back then as a 1st year, Akagi is good at Slam Dunking but not very good at anything else such as dribbling and shooting. In competition with Mitsui it is obvious the difference in skill, however Akagi back then still possesses the skill to defend the basket (due to his height) and so Mitsui finds himself frustrated. But in the training match against Akagi he accidentally injured his leg. With much determination Mitsui recovers to once again play in the training sessions, but the leg hasn't healed fully and so he was forced to leave the team. Since then he has not been seen up until now. A voice came through the gym door to ask that it be open. It is Anzai sensei. The sight of Anzai sensei brings tears to Mitsui's eyes, going on his knees he says that he wants to play basketball again.

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