slam dunk volume 19

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  • Halftime in the Shohoku rest room. Every one cheers Mitsui for his invaluable 3 point shots. On the other hand Hanamichi (bandaged around the head) is really furious at his failure to stop Fukuda. In the Ryonan rest room, Taoka wants Ikegami to mark Mitsui. The match begins, and Hanamichi is once again back in the match. Akagi wins the jump ball and the ball falls in the hands of Rukawa. Rukawa has been patient in the 1st half because his stamina is only enough to hold up half the match if he is to constantly score. He left himself to fight in the second half in order to defeat Sendoh. With the ball, Rukawa avoids Sendoh and runs to the basket, Sendoh folows, but Rukawa stops and passes the ball through his legs and shoots. Everyone is impressed. Akagi too prove his skill when it comes to the defense and stops Ikegami from scoring. Mitsui is having a hard time getting past Ikegami, and Rukawa comes to help, using a change positsion tactic, he eludes Sendoh and scores passed Uozumi. (Sendoh also went to stop Rukawa and the referee blew the whistle on him for pushing Rukawa). Hence Rukawa gets an extra free throw. Score 31 to 32 Ryonan leading. Taoak blasts Sendoh from the sidebench for letting Rukawa score. Nontheless Sendoh starts to fight back, and using the same method of scoring that Rukawa, scores. Score has since shifted to 35 to 36 (Ryonan leading). Yet again Sendoh performs his one man attack, score 36 to 38 against Shohoku. Rukawa comes back with a 3 point shot leveling the score to 38 to 39. Sendoh moves with the ball and opens up the chance for Fukuda to open up the gap in the score. But Rukawa doesn't stop and closes the gap with a nice up lay shot. Mitsui on the other hand is marking Fukuda (Hanamichi is marking Ikegami), and though he stops Fukuda he also does it by fouling. As such Mitsui has 3 personal fouls. Taoka is happy at the time remaining 10 minutes more, but Uozumi has also 3 personal fouls. Scene shifts to Hanamichi with the ball against Fukuda, with a fake move Hanamichi passes Fukuda straight to Uozumi. Hanamichi shoots and misses, Uozumi tries to get the rebound, Taoka says No to Uozumi. But every rebound is recovered by Hanamichi, on the 4th rebound, Uozumi swipes the ball away and gets the 4th personal foul. Everyone cheers Hanamichi (when a player gets 4 personal fouls, and the time remaining is still alot, that player is usually subbed off to stop him making a 5th personal foul). With Uozumi subbed off the substitute for Uozumi is no match against Akagi. Shohoku begin the retaliation. Hanamichi steals the rebound at the basket, passes to Mitsui who shoots in 3 points. Score 42 to 40, Shohoku leading. Akagi stops Ryonan's offense and passes to Hanamichi who scores in another basket. Ryonan is in a crisis, for rebounds are always stoeln by Shohoku's Akagi or Hanamichi, Uozumi looks on helpless. He remembers the past, how Akagi won him in the district championship. Since then people have rated Akagi more highly than Uozumi. In order to avenge himself, Uozumi went though a lot of training and had once thought about giving up. Taoka at that time told Uozumi not to lose sight and to keep to his aim. Back to the present, Hanamichi has once again got the ball. Ryota takes the ball and shifts it to Rukawa. Rukawa fakes Sendoh to drop his guard and passes to Akagi for a Mid Air Dunk. A mishap by Hanamichi enables Ryonan to get two free points (Hanamichi scored them by accident defending his own basket). Ryota runs, passes to Mitsui who fools Ikegami to pass to Akagi to score with a rebound shot. Ikegami tries to score with Hanamichi marking him, but alas he falls to Hanamichi's natural born athletism. Hanamichi faces Fukuda and ends up beng marked by 2 players. Ryota shouts to Hanamichi for the ball. Ryota then fakes the ball to Rukawa who scores. Score 53 to 46 Shohoku leading. Rukawa once again attacks, he does a 3 point shot and misses, Hanamichi gets the rebound. Hanamichi tries 3 times to score but each time he misses. However he gets the rebound and tries again. On the 3rd time (shooting)the ball gets swiped away by Fukuda. Sendoh immediately runs to attack. Akagi jumps to stop Sendoh and for the first time succeeds. Shohoku's fighting spirit is at an all time high. Uozumi asks to be put on, Taoka tells him to be patient. Ryonan's chance will come.

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