slam dunk volume 20

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  • Without Uozumi, and the difference in score 7 points, Ryonan are having a hard time. Akagi takes advantage of the weaker opponent marking him and gains 4 more points, bringing the lead over Ryonan up to 11 points. Fukuda is moved to help mark Akagi, but a pass then is made to Hanamichi who scores using an up lay shot. Taoka is no longer patience and decides to let Uozumi back into the match. There is still over 6 minutes left, and Uozumi back on the team gives much needed confidence into the Ryonan side. However Ryota intercepts a pass at that moment and using unbelievable speed scores past Sendoh. All the crowd are aghast. The lead that Shohoku has is now 15 points. Scene shifts to Uozumi against Akagi, a slight push by Uozumi against Akagi is used to see the level of tolerance that the referee will take before he blows the whistle for a foul. Also know as the boundary line between fouling and not. Unsuccessful against Akagi and only 3 seconds left of possession time, Uozumi passes to Sendoh who then passes to Fukuda to score 2 points. The ball goes to Akagi and Uozumi is marking, a quick pivot and Akagi takes the shot. Uozumi seeing ther danger manages to slap away the ball. Hanamichi recovers it and switches the ball over to Ryota. Ryota takes a jump shot, and misses. Hanamichi, Uozumi and Akagi gather round the basket to get the rebound. With sheer determination Uozumi beats both Akagi and Hanamichi in getting the rebound. Since the basket is now protected, Sendoh goes to gain back some of the points. Rukawa is not going to make it easy for Sendoh, but still Sendoh fools him, and gets the ball. A quick turn he passes the ball to Uozumi, who fakes Akagi to one side, whilst Sendoh passes with the ball on the other side. Akagi leaps to stop Sendoh, but ends up fouling. Sendoh gets an extra free throw with the 2 points he has just scored. Sendoh attacks again, and bypasses Rukawa's defense and Hanamichis' to slam in another 2 points. Rukawa has had enough and goes on the offensive to keep the difference in score by 10 points. Using a forceful charge to get pass Sendoh, Rukawa jumps to shoot. Sendoh and Uozumi jump up to block him, but he still gets the ball in. Score 63 to 53 Shohoku leading. Sendoh is now really motivated and strikes again. Ryota tries to stop Sendoh and ends up fouling (his 4th personal foul, one more and he wiil be sent off). Sendoh gains 3 more points. Ryota takes the ball and soon finds Rukawa, Rukawa tries to shoot pass Sendoh and fails. Pretending to try again, Rukawa fools Sendoh and surges passed to slam dunk 2 points. Score 65 to 56 (Shohoku in the lead). Ryonan on the attack, Sendoh performs a fade away shot and scores 2 points much to the shock of Rukawa. Due to Ryonan's tight defensive formation, Shohoku makes a time violation, i.e. over 30 seconds possession time. Nearing the end of the first half, Sendoh manages performs another fade away shot, and follows again with a 3 pointer on the next attack. The score 65 to 61. Everyone at the Shohoku side bench are pondering on how to stop Sendoh, but none of them came up with anything, except the fact that they cannot fail. As the match begins, Ryonan use the Zone press defense, Ryota is almost cut off from passing. Hanamichi comes to support Ryota and gets the ball. Without waiting, sends the ball over to Akagi, but the ball is thrown too high to catch. Ryonan ends up geting the ball, and Sendoh moves towards the basket, Akagi tries to stop Sendoh and makes his 4th personal foul. Sendoh still scored the shot and gets another free throw. At that moment Mitsui collapsed from exhaustion.

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