slam dunk volume 1

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  • Sakuragi Hanamichi the holder of an awesome 50 girl rejections, arrives at Shohoku. He befriends a girl, Akagi Haruko. Haruko asks Hanamichi 'Do you like Basketball?'. Without a thought Hanamichi replies 'I love it. I am a sportsman.' Eager to make Haruko happy he goes on a crash training schedule, and gets so motivated that he runs into the 3rd year block. This doesn't go well with the 3rd year bad boys and a challenge is immediately laid down to Hanamichi. To add to his problems, Hanamichi learns that Haruko has a crush on another person, Kaede Rukawa. Fate seems to be playing games with Hanamichi for Rukawa, is taking a nap at the designated fighting ground (the roof top), and is rudely awakened by the 3rd year bad boys. Before Hanamichi arrives to fight the 3rd years, Rukawa has already finished them off. Hanamichi starts off on bad grounds with Rukawa and Haruko spots them on the roof top. Running to stop Hanamichi she arrives only to find Rukawa already injured. NOTE the injuries are from fighting the 3rd years, Hanamichi hasn't even started. Misinterpreting this as Hanamichi's doing, she says 'At first I didn't believe my friends that you are as bad as the rumors say. But I see that you are a person who resorts to violence. I HATE YOU.' Hanamichi gets so dejected that he contemplates suicide from the rooftop, thankfully his friends [ Yohei, Anozumi, Ookusu, and Sauichiro - also known as Sakuragi's Guntai (Sakuragi's Army) ] explain to Haruko that it is all a misunderstanding. One problem solved but another is just round the corner, Hanamichi has got himself into more trouble. The loss of Haruko has led him to hate basketball and unfortunately, annoy the very big Captain of Shohoku's basketball team. Everyone, including Rukawa, goes to see the match between Hanamichi and the Captain. Unknowing to Hanamichi, the captain is brother to Haruko, Takenori Akagi. Hanamichi wins Akagi with his naturally born athleticism and a powerful slam dunk (taught by Haruko) and is very shocked to learn that Akagi is Haruko's brother. Not content with just winning Akagi , Hanamichi tries to win Akagi's permission to join the Basketball team. With much effort and patience, he finally gets permission to join. But joining is one matter, actually playing on the team is another. Because Hanamichi is an amateur, he has to start off with the basics under the supervision of Ayako. Rukawa is a professional basketball player before he has even joined Shohoku, so he doesn't have to do basics. A week passes and Hanamichi is still doing basics. Ayako then tells Hanamichi that if he wants to play, he has to be able to handle the ball. But with a grasp which is beyond belief, he masters the ball handling skill with speed and ease. But Akagi denies him the right to play with the rest of the team. Hanamichi has had enough and leaves.

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