slam dunk 13

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  • Shohoku are behind 23 to 39. Rukawa starts to attack, marking him is Nobunga. A fake by Rukawa opens up the chance to shoot in 3 points. Score Shohoku being 13 points behind. Akagi manages to get the rebound and passes to Rukawa. Rukawa advances forward and hastily performs an up lay shot to the basket. The shot misses, but Akagi has since moved to Kainan's basket and snatches the rebound. However mishap occurs for when Akagi lands down from the rebound, he accidentally steps on Kainan's Maki's shoe. The result is the landing is awkward, and twists his ankle. But before that Rukawa has successfully scored 2 points. Bad news is that the swollen ankle means that Akagi has to be taken off. In the Shohoku rest room, Akagi insists on going back into the match, Ayako argues against this decision. To Akagi, it is not the fact that his ankle is the problem, it is the chance to beat Kainen in the District Championship which is the major loss. What Akagi says motivates the eavesdropping Hanamichi, Hanamichi has set his mind on fulfilling Akagi's dream by taking his place in the match. The match begins, Hanamichi immediate intercepts a pass and turns the attack in Shohoku's favor. Kogure gets the ball and is about to score with an up lay shot, but Nobunga swats it aside. Rukawa gets the deflected ball and scores the point. Score 30 to 39 (Shohoku only 9 points behind). Kainan's offense leads right up to the Shohoku basket, with the defending Hanamichi. Several times Hanamichi is duped by fake movements, but Rukawa is ever present to support the defense of the basket. However the Kainan offense doesn't relent and though Rukawa deflects two of the attacks, Nobunga comes in with the third. Hanamichi, seeing the danger, reacts and tremendously swats the ball away. The crowd are ecstatic. The scene switches to another Kainan offensive, the ball misses the basket and Hanamichi manages to get the rebound. Mitsui gets the ball, which is passed to Kogure. In succession, Kogure passes to Rukawa. Rukawa performs a spin and shot move gets in the 2 points. Score 36 to 45. This is only the start as Rukawa starts to really show his ability, with another fake to shoot in 2 more points. Making the score 38 to 45. Kainan's ball, a pass by Nobunga to Maki is intercepted by Rukawa. The shock to Kainan, as once again, Rukawa gains 2 more points. The scores are gradually getting closer 40 to 45. With only 1 minute 11 seconds left, the score 40 to 47 in Kainan's favor. Rukawa takes control of the situation by forcing his way through the Kainan defense. He furthermore forces a shot under guard to get 2 points. Now Shohoku is 5 points down. But Kainan have since scored in 2 more points, the score 42 to 49. Still not stopping his assault, Rukawa gets the ball again to shoot in a 3 pointer. This is a devastating strike to Kainan who are now only 4 points up. Kainan presses forth their attack and, when Hanamichi gets the rebound, immediately build up a 3 man guard to stop Hanamichi passing. Then like a star of hope, Rukawa runs back to allow Hanamichi a chance to pass the ball. This time however, Maki is determined to stop Rukawa. As Rukawa leaps up for a slam dunk, Maki also leaps up to swipe the ball. But Rukawa snatches back the ball to avoid the swipe, and gracefully slams in the ball. The audience immediately cheered at such an incredible slam dunk. Score 47 to 49. This pressure by Rukawa is really captivating the spectators; they just can't believe Rukawa to be only a 1st year. It is Kainan's ball, but Rukawa makes a swipe to steal the ball from Nobunga. Nobunga and all the Kainan players are horrified. Rukawa scores in 2 points to bring the scores level. The whistle blows to signal the end of the first half. At this time, Akagi has since returned to the court, the sight of the scores being level impresses both Akagi and Ayako. In Kainan's rest room, Kainan's couch is really angry at the performance of his team. Rukawa alone has scored 25 points from them. Nobunga believes its his responsibility to stop Rukawa and swears to keep his word. The second half begins, Hanamichi insists on taking the place of Akagi in the jump ball. Having his way, Hanamichi manages to get to the ball first. The ball falls into the hands of Rukawa who tries to score, but Nobunga stops him. It is a rebound. But the person who gets the rebound turns out to be Akagi. Not a word more, Akagi scores in the basket, putting Shohoku in the lead for the first time since the match began.

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