The Bet of Life Time - Amber (40/40 chapters)

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  • The Bet of Life Time

    (fan fiction: Michelle Ye & Ron Ng)


    It was all based on a lie, a bet that was suppose to only last three months. But in life, things never turn out the way they should. Fate always enters and complicates matters of the heart.

    Ron is the son of a moderately rich family; he never had to worry much about money, he never cared about anything in life. He was blessed with charm and good looks, claiming that it was hard for any female to resist.

    Michelle was a hardworking girl, trying her best to make ends meet. She didn't have time for a relationship, she didn't have time to make new "friends."

    It was obvious that meeting him changed her life, but ultimately, it changed his life just as much.

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