The Bet of Life Time - Amber (40/40 chapters)

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  • Chapter 38

    Nancy was full of smiles as she looked through the many wedding dresses. Her and Bosco would be taking wedding pictures very soon and they needed to get ready.

    Bernice whispered jokingly to Michelle: If her smile gets any bigger, I think it might get stuck.

    Michelle giggled as Nancy looked over at them: What are you two whispering about?

    Bernice smiled at her sweetly: Nothing, we’re just saying how incredible you’d look in any one of these dresses.

    The three of them looked at each other before laughing. Nancy: I’m happy, not stupid!

    Bernice linked arms with her two friends: I didn’t say you were stupid, you did (smiles), but seriously, we’re really happy for you Nancy.

    Nancy: I know.

    Michelle: I’m happy, too. I get such a great sister-in-law!

    Bernice: Come on girls, lets pick out the most perfect dress for Miss Nancy.

    As the girls searched through the all the dresses, they finally found one that was absolutely beautiful on Nancy. The three of them stared at the mirror and nodded their heads happily, agreeing that this was the one.

    When they were done with reserving the dress and everything, the three of them walked out and Nancy teased: So when are we going to go shopping for your dresses girls?

    Bernice laughed: I’m sure Michelle will be tying the knot before me and Moses.

    Nancy turned to Michelle: You two are living together already. Any plans on getting married Miche?

    Michelle gave her friends an uneasy smile and they definitely noticed. Bernice: Are you okay Miche?

    Nancy: Yeah, what’s with the look?

    Michelle shook her head and gave her friends the best “normal” smile she could: Nothing, we just haven’t talked about it much.

    Nancy eyed her closely: Are you sure that’s it?

    Michelle nodded and quickly added: Come on guys, we’re suppose to get ready for Nancy and Bosco’s big deal. We’ll talk about Bernice and me another day. What’s next on the list sister-in-law?

    Bernice: Yes Mrs. Yip, where would you like to go next?

    Nancy smiled: To the mall!

    Michelle silently heaved a sigh of relief. It wasn’t a big deal, she repeatedly told herself, it nothing that she had to tell her friends about. After all, marriage really wasn’t for everyone. And they were here to help Nancy celebrate, she didn’t want to damper anyone’s mood.

    Ron heard the door turn and smiled: You’re home.

    Michelle smiled at him: We finally picked out the dress for Nancy.

    Ron handed her a bottle of water as they sat down on the couch: How long did you girls spend there?

    Michelle: A good three hours.

    Ron chuckled: Bosco was smart, he wasn’t there.

    Michelle defended her brother: He wanted to be, he just couldn’t get out of work.

    Ron: Really?

    Michelle nodded: He loves Nancy, and he wants to be there to plan out every step of the wedding with her. After all, it is a once in a lifetime event.

    Ron ran his hand through Michelle’s hair: Or people could just not get married.

    Michelle shrugged her shoulders: Everyone has their own preferences. (turned to Ron) Want to go out for dinner?

    Ron: Sure. Let me grab my keys and we’ll go.

    Michelle sat there replaying the conversation she just had with Ron and sighed. She said it herself, different people have different preferences.

    During the car ride, Ron continued talking about his views towards marriage and without even knowing when, Michelle had zoned him out, lost in her own thoughts. Ron looked over at her when it was a red light and noticed that she was looking out the window. Smiling he reached over for her hand and that was when Michelle snapped out of her thoughts and looked at him: Are we here?

    Ron smiled: Not yet. What’s on your mind?

    Michelle: Nothing.

    Ron: I don’t think so. You seemed to have been lost in your own world? What’s wrong honey?

    Michelle forced a smile: It’s nothing, really. I was thinking about Jack, that’s all. We’re here (opened the door and got out, to avoid any more talks about what she was thinking about).

    As they were heading inside, a voice called out to Michelle and she turned around. Smiling: Hi Fi, Kev. Are you two here on a date?

    Fiona laughed: He wishes I’d date him.

    Kevin clutched his heart jokingly: That’s the third dagger of the night Fi. You’re killing me.

    The three of them laughed. Michelle: This is my boyfriend Ron. I don’t think everyone’s been formally introduced.

    Fiona looked the guy up and down, making Ron feel a bit awkward. Kevin poked her, as if telling her to lighten up while Michelle could only stifle a giggle. Fiona: I’m Fiona and this is Kevin.

    Ron relaxed when he saw that she had her hand out. Shaking it, he gave them a warm smile: Nice to meet you two. Would you like to join us for dinner?

    Fiona: And be the third wheel? No thanks.

    Kevin jokes: Aww, and here I was, thinking that you wanted some alone time with me.

    Fiona looks at her watch: If you want to dream, at least wait a little longer. It’s barely 8 o’clock.

    Kevin shook his head and chuckled, this girl in front of him was too funny: It was nice meeting you Ron. Lets go Fi (led her off and gave Michelle a grin).

    Once they sat down, Kevin asked Fiona: Why won’t you admit to people that we are dating?

    Fiona gave him a surprised look: We’re not dating, why should I saw that we are?

    Kevin sighed: You can’t seriously tell me that you don’t know what I’m thinking?

    Fiona shrugged her shoulders: I’m not your brain, I can’t figure out everything.

    Kevin: What happened to woman’s intuition?

    Fiona: From what I remember, you said I wasn’t a woman.

    Kevin: Then I must be very gay.

    Fiona giggled: Happy?

    Kevin chuckled and reached over to hold her hand: You know I like you Fiona.

    Fiona smiled at him: I know that now.

    Kevin: So can we take this affair public?

    Fiona said coyly: I never said anything about liking you.

    Kevin: You’re going to make this hard for me, aren’t you?

    Fiona laughed: Who told you to be so mean to me all the time?

    Kevin: Mean? Who’s the one getting suckered into buying you all those free meals?

    Fiona: Ha! You did that willing so you could spend time with me.

    Kevin laughed: Wow, aren’t we confident.

    Fiona challenged: So it’s not true then? I really did just con you for free meals?

    Kevin held her hand tighter: Just end this torment, okay?

    Fiona looked him in the eyes and smiled sweetly: Fine. I like you, too.

    Kevin teased: That wasn’t so hard (kissed her hand), now lets order.

    When Ron woke up in the middle of the night, he found Michelle missing and heard a faint noise in the bathroom. He went inside and saw Michelle hunched over the toilet, throwing up.

    Worriedly: Are you okay honey?

    Michelle looked at him, pale faced: I’m fine. Probably just something I ate.

    Ron: But this isn’t the first time you’ve been like this.

    Michelle: I’ll be okay.

    Ron: Let me get you something to drink.

    Michelle tried to recall what she had eaten, but didn’t get very far when she had to throw up again. Ron spent the entire night in the restroom with her until she seemed to finally be okay before he picked her up and brought her to bed.

    The next day when Ron was out with Sam and Chris, they noticed that he didn’t look too good.

    Chris: What’s wrong with you?

    Ron: Didn’t sleep much last night.

    Chris: You and Michelle were getting it on, huh?

    Ron gave him a look: She was sick and spent the entire night in the restroom.

    Sam: Is she okay?

    Ron nodded: Food poisoning.

    Chris eyed Ron suspiciously: Are you sure? The last time was that and you’re telling me it happened again?

    Ron shrugged his shoulders: Why not?

    Chris: Are you sure she isn’t pregnant?

    Ron dropped the can from his hand: Pregnant? (smiles) You think so?

    Chris: Why the hell do you look so happy for?

    Ron: I would be a father. That’s great news. Hey, I have to go.

    Ron got home and saw Michelle cooking dinner. He went inside the kitchen and wrapped his arms around her waist. He asked: How are you feeling today?

    Michelle: Better. I need to be more careful of what I eat from now on.

    Ron: Are you sure it’s just that?

    Michelle: Of course. What else could it be?

    Ron bit her ear seductively and she giggled: Stop Ron.

    He did, but moved down to kiss her neck. Michelle turned around and looked at him: I need to cook dinner.

    Ron reluctantly let her go: Okay, but one more kiss (smiles).

    Over the next few days, everything was the same for Michelle and Ron. They went to work, hung out with Jack, and went on regular dates.

    However, one morning when Michelle woke up, she opened her eyes and was about to shut them again when something sparkly caught her attention. She opened her eyes wider and gasped when she saw that there was a diamond ring on her fourth finger. She quickly got up and stared at it, not sure what to think. Michelle suddenly thought back of a few days ago when Ron asked her if she was sure if the throwing up was just because of food poisoning. “He must think I’m pregnant and that’s why he bought me this ring.” With a sad smile on her face, she took it off and placed it on the nightstand.

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