The Bet of Life Time - Amber (40/40 chapters)

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  • Chapter 39

    Ron was full of smiles as he walked inside the apartment. He glanced at his watch and figured that Michelle should be up by now. He had gone out to buy her favorite breakfast along with a dozen roses. He just couldn’t wait to see her face!

    He put the food on the dining table and crept into the bedroom slowly, hoping to surprise her. However, he was confused when he didn’t see her inside the room nor did he hear the bathroom light on: Where could she be? She had to have seen the ring on her finger.

    Just as he was about to turn around, something caught his eye. He walked over and was shocked to see that it was the ring he had put on her finger. He picked it up and thousands of thoughts raced through his mind, “She doesn’t love me enough? How come she doesn’t want to get married? Am I moving too fast? She doesn’t want to settle down? What does this mean?” He quickly dialed her phone number, but wasn’t able to get through. As a result, more questions and thoughts went in and out of his mind, but of course he couldn’t find the answer to any of them.

    The sound his phone rang and he was finally able to put a halt on his thoughts: Miche?

    Bosco laughed: Her brother. She’s gone for a little bit and you miss her already? My wife-to-be stole your girlfriend for the morning, sorry for that.

    Ron forced a laugh: It’s okay. What’s up Bosco?

    Bosco: Just wanted to see if you were going to lunch with us later?

    Ron: Lunch?

    Bosco: Miche didn’t tell you? She must have forgotten, she’s been busy helping out Nancy. So are you free?

    Ron: Sure. What time?

    Bosco: Probably around 12:30. Okay, see you later then.

    Ron hung up and he stared back at the ring in his finger, he had to talk to Michelle and find out why she didn’t want to marry him. He tried calling her again, but he only got her voicemail greeting: Miche, I know you’re busy with Nancy right now, but please give me a call when you get a chance. I really want to talk to you. I love you.”

    Ron ended the call and ran a hand through his hair, he had to get this settled.

    Bosco came running into the restaurant, only to be greeted by a frown from Nancy: I’m sorry honey. Jack needed to stop and use the restroom.

    Jack pulled on his ears: Sorry Aunty Nancy.

    Nancy immediately pulled Jack’s hands away from his ears: It’s not your fault buddy. If anything, it’s your daddy’s fault (eyed him) for telling you to take the blame.

    Jack laughed: Jack like Aunty Nancy!

    Bosco eased an arm over Nancy’s shoulder: Daddy like Aunty Nancy, too.

    Nancy looked at him and the frown was replaced with a smile: Sit down.

    Bernice and Michelle exchanged smiles. Bernice: You guys are so cute, you’re giving me goosebumps!

    Nancy: You’re just upset that Moses is not here.

    Bernice sighs: It’s not my fault he has to go away for business, but I know he misses me though.

    Nancy pretends to barf: You’re giving me chills.

    The three girls laugh. Bosco: I’m not that latest one. Ron’s not even here yet.

    Michelle: Ron’s coming?

    Bosco: Yeah, you didn’t want him to?

    Michelle stammered: Uh, no. I just forgot to ask him and was just surprised that you did, that’s all.

    Bernice looked at Nancy and raised an eyebrow, but neither of them said anything. As if on cue, Ron showed up within the next 30 seconds and sat down next to Michelle: Sorry I’m late everyone. Lunch is on me today.

    Nancy: Good! (jokes) I’m in the mood for some filet mignon!

    Throughout lunch, Michelle could feel that Ron was looking at her, but she really didn’t know what to say or how to act around him. She did talk to him to avoid making it so obvious that there was some sort of problem between them. When lunch was over, the others knew that Michelle and Ron needed to talk so they all had things to take care of.

    Ron and Michelle were walking next to each other, but they weren’t holding hands. Ron stopped and looked at her: Are you going to tell me why?

    Michelle: Why?

    Ron reached for her hand: If you think it’s too soon, it’s okay Miche. We could get engaged first and then married later. Or we could just pretend this whole thing never happened. I don’t like this awkwardness between us.

    Michelle shook her head: I’m sorry Ron. I didn’t mean to just leave like that this morning, but we can’t.

    Ron: Why not? Do you not want to be my wife? Do you not love me enough? (held her hands) We’ve been through so much together honey, you know I want to be with you forever.

    Michelle: You don’t want to get married.

    Ron: What are you talking about?

    Michelle: Tell me Ron, is the only reason you want to marry me because you think I’m pregnant?

    Ron was confused by her questioning: What?

    Michelle: Because I’m not. I’m not pregnant Ron, you don’t have to marry me.

    Ron: What does being pregnant have to do with anything? We could get pregnant later on. I want to marry you Michelle.

    Michelle: You don’t believe in marriage. It’s only something on paper, remember? And you saw me throwing up the other day and you assumed that it was more than just food poisoning and now I’m telling you that’s it not. You’re off the hook Ron, you don’t have to marry me.

    Ron closed his eyes and mentally yelled at himself: No, it’s not that. Yes, I did say those things, but was just to throw you off track. I wanted to surprise you when I actually did propose. It was all an act honey.

    Michelle said softly: You don’t have to pretend Ron. It’s okay.

    Ron: No, it’s not okay. I want to get married, I want you to be my wife. I want us to belong together for the rest of our lives. Please believe me (held her hands tighter)

    Michelle: Listen to me Ron. I understand.

    Ron: No you don’t.

    Michelle: Ron, you can’t just spring this on me. All this time you’ve been saying you don’t want to get married and all of a sudden I wake up and there’s this diamond on my finger. And it was only after I spent an entire night throwing up and you asking me if I was sure it was merely food poisoning (looks down). I don’t want you to jump into something and then regret it later.

    Ron: Miche, the biggest regret I have right now is for being so stupid. I shouldn’t have wanted to trick you like that. And I don’t care if you’re pregnant or not, I want you for the rest of my life (touches her cheeks). If you are pregnant, that’s great, but if not, we’ll get pregnant.

    Michelle: Ron, I…

    Ron hushed her immediately by putting a finger over her lips: I don’t want to marry you because I think you’re pregnant, I want to marry you because I love you.

    Michelle took a deep breath before she spoke again. Ron looked at her with hopeful eyes: Ron, we don’t have to settle anything right now. Lets talk about it later, okay? I actually told Fiona I’d go shopping with her today. You don’t have to take me there, I’ll go myself. I’ll…I’ll just see you later. Bye.

    Ron watched as Michelle quickly walked off and sighed, “Me and my stupid mouth. Why did I want to trick her like that? Why must I tease her? Now Michelle thinks I think she’s pregnant. I’m such an idiot. What am I going to do?”

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