The Bet of Life Time - Amber (40/40 chapters)

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  • Chapter 40

    Fiona held up a skirt: What about this one Michelle? I was thinking that maybe I could wear this when I meet Kev’s family next weekend (giggles to herself). I can’t believe we’re actually dating.

    Michelle: Yeah.

    Fiona: So you think I should get this?

    Michelle answered her absentmindedly: Yeah.

    Fiona looked over at her friend and saw that she was totally out of it. She reached over and gave Michelle a slight shake: Are you okay?

    Michelle looked at Fiona: I’m sorry Fi, I didn’t mean to zone you out like that. I just…

    Fiona nodded: I smell Ron trouble.

    Michelle sighed: He asked me to marry him.

    Fiona squealed: That’s great news! Congratulations! I’m so…(stops and looks at Michelle) But why do you look like that? You think he’s moving too fast? You don’t want to marry him?

    Michelle: All along Ron was saying that he didn’t believe in marriage and that it was just something on paper, but all of a sudden, I wake up this morning with a ring on my finger.

    Fiona: That’s so romantic! So he said all those things to throw you off track or what?

    Michelle looked down: I…I don’t know. Remember how I had food poisoning several days ago, I think he may have thought it was morning sickness and…

    Fiona finished her sentence: Now you’re thinking that’s the only reason he wants to get hitched.

    Michelle nodded: I took the ring off and left it on the nightstand. He said he was only kidding and was trying to throw me off track with all the wedding stuff, but I don’t know. I know I must have hurt him, but I don’t wan to jump into this and have him regret it later on.

    Fiona put an arm around Michelle’s shoulder: He’s not going to. Michelle, I’m not the biggest Ron fan, but I can tell he’s madly in love with you.

    Michelle: I know he loves me, I’m not doubting that. It’s just…just the whole marriage thing and it’s so sudden.

    Fiona: I say he’s an idiot. (Michelle looked at her). Why do men always behave like fools?

    Michelle finally let out a giggle: So care to tell me what your idiot has done wrong today?

    Fiona laughed and joked: There isn’t enough time to tell you everything he did wrong today.

    With that, the two girls shared a laugh and went back to their shopping.

    Michelle took a deep breath before she opened the door to the apartment. Just as she walked in, Ron came out of the kitchen with a plate of food in his hands.

    Smiling at her: You’re home just in time. I made your favorite dinner.

    Michelle nodded: Thanks. Is there anything I could help you with?

    Ron: Nope, just sit down and look pretty.

    Michelle sat down and watched Ron walk back into the kitchen. She smiled to herself, glad that everything appeared to be normal and extremely relieved that Ron didn’t mention anything from their conversation earlier that day.

    Ron was smiling to himself in the kitchen as well. He was afraid that Michelle would feel awkward around him, but everything was normal and he was glad. After all, he couldn’t have his future wife feel weird around him. He picked up another plate and gave himself a pat on the back before walking back outside.

    Their dinner went smoothly, but it was also noticeable that they were both trying hard not to mention anything about weddings, babies, or marriages. Just as they were finishing up the food, Michelle got up to clean the table, but Ron stopped her.

    Ron: We haven’t had dessert, yet. I baked us something.

    Michelle’s eyes widened: You baked a cake? (teased him) It isn’t in the shape of a heart, is it?

    Ron knew she was referring to the time he made their heart shaped dinner and how he was somewhat embarrassed by it. He looked at her and pulled her into his arms: I spent a good amount of time cooking for you and you have the heart to tease me?

    Michelle put her hands on his chest and smiled: I’m just doing what you always do to me.

    Ron laughed as he moved some hair away from her face: You’ve learned too much from me, too much. What am I going to do with you?

    Michelle playfully shrugged her shoulders: Are you saying you want to trade me in for something else?

    Ron smirks: You only say that because you know I’m too in love with you to even think that. But you on the other hand…

    Michelle interrupted him immediately: My love for you is undying, don’t you remember? (Ron laughs and Michelle knew she fell for his trick. She could feel her face burning up and she gave his chest a light punch).

    Ron tightened his hold on her: I know, I just love hearing you say it.

    Michelle gave him a slight pout: You always bully me!

    Ron laughed: I want to say I’ll stop doing it, but we both know that’s not going to happen.

    Michelle giggled at that comment: I know, you meanie.

    Ron let go of her waist and reached for her hand: Lets go get some dessert.

    Michelle looked at the cheesecake and grinned at Ron: It looks so good.

    Ron: I know and trust me, the cake isn’t bad either (winks at her).

    Michelle elbowed him and giggled: Lets eat it.

    Halfway through their slices, Ron put on some music and pulled Michelle up to her feet: Care to dance (he whispered in her ear)?

    Michelle looked at him, she knew he did things like this, but she was wondering why. She reasoned that it must be because of the whole wedding/marriage thing and he wanted her to know that he loved her. Smiling to herself, she put her head on his shoulder and smiled contently as she closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of being his arms.

    Ron kissed the top of her head and smiled foolishly to himself. Everything about tonight had been wonderful. He moved her slightly so he could look at her. She stared into his eyes with her own loving ones and both of them could feel the love they had for each other. At that moment, Michelle knew, she knew she had been overly sensitive with the entire marriage thing. She knew Ron, she knew that the man she loved always had something up his sleeve. She knew he was always about surprises. And most importantly, she knew he loved her and wanted to be with her forever. He was the one.

    Unexpectedly and out of character, Michelle pulled him in for a long, lingering kiss. Neither of them wanted to end the kiss and only parted when they needed some air.

    Ron whispered in her ear huskily: I think it’s time we moved this inside, don’t you?

    Michelle gave him a shy smile, but didn’t say something. It was okay though, because Ron knew exactly what she meant.

    Michelle walked out of the shower the next morning and walked inside the study. She randomly sat down at the desk and something caught her eye. There were several receipts and a magazine for places to hold outdoor weddings. There was a receipt at a jewelry store that must have been for her ring, she looked at the date and realized it was two weeks before the food poisoning episode. She leafed through the magazine and found several of the pages folded down. There were some information packets about each place and the dates when Ron had gone to visit them were a lot earlier than two weeks ago.

    Ron: Do you believe me now?

    Michelle turned around and saw Ron leaning against the doorframe: I…I didn’t mean to look through your stuff.

    Ron walked up to her and held her hands: I wanted you to see. Honey, now do you believe me? I really want you to marry me and I’ve been planning this for some time now. I want you to be with me forever.

    Michelle smiled at him and touched her empty fourth finger, hoping he would catch the hint. And indeed, he did.

    Grinning, Ron gave her a quick kiss on the forehead: Give me thirty seconds.

    He ran back in the study with a box in his hand and smiled as he slowly kneeled in front of Michelle: Will you marry me?

    Michelle’s eyes shone with love as she answered him emphatically: Yes.

    Ron smiled widely as he popped up and slid the ring on her finger, and kissed her, but not before saying: You are mine forever!

    Bernice, Nancy, and Fiona squealed when they heard Michelle’s announcement. Nancy: I’m so happy for you Miche!

    Bernice and Fiona chimed in: Me too!

    Fiona: So when is it going to happen? Where’s it going to be at? Did you pick out a dress yet? Did you…

    Bernice: find a band? Did you guys decide on…

    Michelle laughed at her good friends: It barely happened yesterday, I don’t have anything planned.

    Nancy: Why don’t we get married together?

    Michelle shook her head: That’s your big day with Bosco, Nancy. I don’t want to intrude.

    Nancy waved a hand: You’re not intruding if I’m asking (smiles).

    Michelle: Thank you, but I want you and my brother to have that day all to yourselves. You guys are the main focus and shouldn’t have to share it with anyone else.

    Nancy grinned at Michelle and gave her a hug: I’m so glad we’re going to be sisters.

    Bernice pouted: Hey! What about us? We’re (meaning the four of them) sisters even before you were going to marry Bosco.

    Fiona giggles: It should be, we want to be your sisters even though you’re marry Bosco.

    The four girls laughed at that comment and continued talking and rambling on about weddings.

    Moses looked at his girlfriend and smiled to himself. Bernice had been going on for a good half an hour about how happy she was for her two good friends and he was amused. She didn’t really give him much of an opportunity to say anything, but he didn’t mind. He enjoyed hearing her and was glad that she was so happy.

    Bernice finally noticed that Moses hasn’t said much and looked at him: Are you feeling okay? (feels his forehead) You don’t have a fever.

    Moses: Why wouldn’t I be feeling okay?

    Bernice: You haven’t said anything in a really long time.

    Moses chuckled: I’m glad you finally realized that. You’ve been monopolizing the conversation ever since I picked you up.

    Bernice grinned at him sheepishly: I have been, haven’t I? Sorry, but I’m just so happy!

    Moses wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close to him: I know and I’m just teasing. You know I love listening to you. And I’m glad you’re so happy (kissed on her tip of her nose).

    Bernice smiled at him sweetly: I’m so smart to have picked you as my boyfriend.

    Moses laughed: Yes, you are definitely smart. So where would you like to go now?

    Bernice: Since you listened to me chatter me away for such a long time and didn’t get mad or annoyed, I’ll let you decide.

    Moses teased: How do you know I’m not annoyed?

    Bernice pouted and playfully turned away, joking: Fine, you can do whatever you want and I’ll do whatever I want.

    Moses tightened his hold on her: I don’t think you’re going anywhere. I’m not letting you out of my hands.

    Bernice looked at him and challenged: You think you can stop me if I wanted to leave?

    Moses smirked: But the most important question is, do you want to leave?

    Bernice: You think it’s a no, don’t you?

    Moses kissed her lightly on her lips: Correction baby, I know it’s a no.

    Bernice laughed: You’re so full of yourself. But (smiles at him) you’re right, I love you Moses.

    Moses smiled at her: I love you, too (leaned in and gave her a kiss).

    Bosco looked at Nancy playing with Jack and smiled happily. His life was just about perfect. In less than three weeks he would be married to the love of his life and they would begin their lifelong journey together. He was given a second chance in life and he was thankful that he found Nancy. As for Jack, he was thrilled that their relationship was so solid. Bosco loved the little guy more than life itself and seeing him so happy made Bosco happy.

    Jack yawned: Jack tired (kisses Nancy on the cheek). Good night Auntie Nancy (covers his mouth), I mean mommy. Good night daddy.

    Nancy blushed upon hearing Jack call her mommy and Bosco chuckled. He sat down on the floor next to her: Why are you blushing?

    Nancy made a face at him: Shut up.

    Bosco laughed as he put his chin on her shoulder: You’re so cute when you blush.

    Nancy jokes: So I’m not cute when I don’t blush?

    Bosco: I should have seen that one coming (laughs). You know I think you’re one sexy lady.

    Nancy rolls her eyes and laughs: You say some of the cheesiest things Bosco.

    Bosco: Hey, as long as it makes you laugh, I don’t mind.

    Nancy: I hope you know that I’m laughing at you and not with you.

    Bosco: Ouch!

    Both of them laugh. Nancy turned around so she was facing him: Can you believe we’ll be married in three weeks?

    Bosco: Less than that, in about two and a half.

    Nancy: It’s so fast.

    Bosco jokes: You’re not getting cold feet, are you?

    Nancy: And if I say yes?

    Bosco: I’m going to bring you a bucket with hot water so your feet won’t be cold anymore.

    Nancy burst out laughing: You’re so lame!

    Bosco: Hey, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. I’m not letting my wife slip away.

    Nancy looked at him straight in the eyes: I’m not going anywhere Bosco, not now, not ever.

    Bosco smiled at her lovingly: Good, because I’m too tired to have to look for you (laughs, but turns serious). We’re going to be together forever Nancy.

    Nancy grinned: I know (they share a smile before she nestles cozily in his arms).

    Kevin’s mom: Eat more Fiona.

    Kevin’s dad: Yes, have some fish. Kevin told us that you love fish.

    Fiona smiled at them: Thank you Aunty, Uncle.

    Kevin jokes: Slow down, I don’t want you two to scare off my girlfriend.

    Kevin’s mom: Sorry Fiona.

    Fiona: Oh no, I’m fine. Thank you for making me feel so welcome.

    Kevin’s mom beamed with happiness: We’re just so happy to finally meet you. Kevin is usually very secretive about his love life and to have him bring you home on his own, we knew you’d have to be a very special girl. And indeed, you are.

    Fiona smiled at the mom shyly and took a sneak peek at Kevin, who scratched his head embarrassingly. Kevin: Lets eat mom.

    Kevin’s mom: Aww, seems like Kevin is getting a bit shy. Okay, okay, lets eat dinner.

    When they were done with dinner and it was time for Fiona to leave, Kevin’s mom held her hand: It was such a pleasure meeting you Fiona. Please come by again once you have time.

    Fiona nodded: I will, and thank you again for having me over.

    Kevin’s mom: Anytime sweetheart, anytime. Kevin, be sure Fiona gets home safe and sound (whispers to him). She’s a good one, don’t mess things up.

    Fiona heard and bit her lip from laughing. Once they were in the, Fiona burst out laughing and Kevin looked at her strangely: Are you okay?

    Fiona teased: I heard your mom telling you not to screw things up.

    Kevin groaned: That mom of mine.

    Fiona: I like her, she’s cute.

    Kevin: You just like her because she complimented you the entire night.

    Fiona: That’s not the only reason, she also told me many embarrassing stories of you (laughs). I had no idea you did so many weird things.

    Kevin: You’re going to get it when I meet your parents.

    Fiona looked at him: You really want to meet them?

    Kevin laughs: Of course, it’s only fair that I hear about your embarrassing childhood moments, right? (looks at Fiona and noticed that she didn’t say anything). Is there a problem?

    Fiona: No. It’s just that meeting parents is a pretty serious thing and I…

    Kevin held her hand: Fi, you know I’m serious about us. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have brought you home tonight. Why else would I have took you home to meet my parents?

    Fiona shrugged her shoulders: I wasn’t sure.

    Kevin teased: For someone who’s pretty smart, you’re awfully not bright tonight.

    Fiona punched his arm lightly and stuck her tongue out: Hey, I’m not that one that brought home my boyfriend so willingly.

    Kevin laughed: I knew you’d get me with that sooner or later. But seriously Fi, I’m very serious about you, very serious about us.

    Fiona smiled at him: Me too.

    Kevin grinned: Good, so now can we set a date where I can meet your parents and learn about all you embarrassing moments?

    They looked at each and laughed as Kevin brought her hand up to his lips, giving it a kiss.

    Ron stood outside the fitting as he waited anxiously for his bride. When Michelle walked out, time seemed to stop as his eyes were fixated on her and only her; it was as if no one else was in the room except for the two of them. Michelle smiled at him happily as she made her way over to him.

    Reaching up to his fix his bowtie, Michelle shyly said: Looks like you need me to help you.

    Ron held her hands and said lovingly: I need you, that’s for sure.

    Michelle smiled at him shyly: You still manage to do this to me.

    Ron kissed her hands: And I think I always will (smiled).

    The photographer smiled at the couple in front of him: You two are adorable together. Ready to take some pictures?

    Ron held her by the waist: Lets go baby.

    After another two weeks, their pictures were developed and Michelle and Ron were looking at all the proofs. Ron never knew he could be this happy, but he just had an indescribable feeling inside. He was madly in love with this woman and was thankful that he would get to spend the rest of his life with her.

    Michelle poked him: What are you thinking about?

    Ron smiled as he pulled her onto his lap: You (kissed her hair) and how lucky I am that you’re going to be my wife.

    Michelle blushed slightly: I’m lucky, too.

    Ron: How so?

    Michelle teased: It’s not everyday that a girl gets to marry a former player.

    Ron pouted: Hey! I’m not a player.

    Michelle smiles: I said before, not now.

    Ron could only laugh: At least you noticed that I’ve changed.

    Michelle: You think I’d marry you if you didn’t?

    Ron teased: You sure would, your love for me is undying, remember?

    Now it was Michelle’s turn to pout: Meanie.

    Ron chuckled and Michelle soon joined him. Picking up one of the pictures, Ron asked: How about this one?

    Michelle scrunched her face: I don’t like that one.

    Ron: Why not?

    Michelle: I look weird in there. My smile is crooked or something.

    Ron: Come on baby, you look amazing in every single one of these.

    Michelle shook her head: Can we pick another one?

    Ron tightens his hold around her waist: I need some convincing (winks at her).

    Michelle giggles: Stop playing.

    Ron smirks: I’m not playing.

    Michelle looked at his handsome face and kissed him. Ron smiled: That wasn’t so bad, was it?

    Michelle didn’t say anything, but simply smiled at him. Ron caressed her cheeks: Michelle, I’m really looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

    Michelle gave him a big smile: Me too Ron. I love you.

    Ron beamed: I know (laughs). I love you, too, and probably more than you love me.

    Michelle laughs: That’s probably true.

    Ron: Not probably, it is true. But what can you say, it’s my own fault for falling in love with such an amazing and beautiful woman.

    Michelle hit his arm playfully: You can stop now.

    Ron: I’m not kidding (looks at her). You are my everything Michelle, I love you.

    Even though they went through lots of different obstacles, that only solidified the love they had for one another. No matter what was thrown at them, they were able to overcome them, one after another. Michelle and Ron’s love will only become stronger as time passes and they are destined to be together forever.


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