slam dunk 16

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  • Mitsui joins the match. Mitsui is taking the position of centre. That means he will be facing Hanamichi. Hanamichi is getting really arrogant and is going to beat Mitsui like the rest of the 2nd and 3rd years. Anyhow the match begins, Mitsui is excellent at defence and successful blocks off Hanamichi. This really frustrates Hanamichi who ends up knocking Mitsui over with his charge. A weakness of Hanamichi is that he cannot do a rebound shot against the board. Akagi sets himself the task of training Hanamichi to perform this shot. Everyday Hanamichi goes through the task of 200-300 shots practice. The day against Tsukubi and Hanamichi once again practised his shooting at the local basketball area in the morning. He ends up falling asleep and arrives at the match with only 5 minutes to go. Shohoku wins the match 120 to 81. Akagi didn't put on Hanamichi so that Ryonan doesn't know how much Hanamichi has improved. The next match of the day is Kainan Vs Ryonan. The match begins and Sendoh is taking on the position of PG (point guard). With this position Sendoh sets up shots for the other players to take. Kainan end up lagging behind. 14 to 25. Not only does Sendoh set up the shots, he also defends the basket, making Kainan hard pressed to get the points. Ryonan's Kiccho Fukuda is a very strong scoring player, just by himself he has managed to score 22 points. Shohoku watch the match and all but Kogure and Akagi, leave. A slam dunk by Nobunga against Uozumi stuns the crowd and revives the lagging Kainan team. Now the retaliation begins. Maki begins his offense bringing the scores closer 53 to 61. Then Soichiro Jin does a 3 pointer which devastates the Ryonan team. Score 56 to 61. Sendoh has finally decided to play for real.

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