Love... or love...????

  • na_12t

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước
  • What if u truthly love someone and suddenly your old lover come back to u.. What u gonna do.. Let think ok! When u was young u have a person that u love so much u give up anything and everything for him.. And finally u both break up but not because u don't like each other that y u broke up, but it because that he move.. And u lost contact with him.. All this year u still felt for him, but u still making a new bf, anyway what u gonna do now if your old lover come back??

  • Lustify

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước
  • Depends, has your old lover changed? I say it is useless to pursue to relationship with someone that you once loved. But of course, I have that same problem myself. See, it just depends on you. I guess it really determines on how much you value those two guys who are or is somewhat in your life right now. If you really value that guy you once loved over your existing boyfriend, then I say dump your boyfriend. It's just a matter of what you think is best for you. You know this situation best and I think you are the only one capable of making the right decision :)

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