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  • ngoc_ly

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • Hi I'm searching for a link that I know was here before.. but I can't find it because I don't remember exactly what it was. It was in a topic with a loong list of links, but with very little description. I favourited it but I had to reformat so now it's gone...

    If no one knows what Ím talking about, can someone at least show me a page that has Gundam Wing Scans? I have been searching forever... (to be honest... about 5 years) and when I found it I was very happy but now íts gone...

  • vietbuidoi

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • weo còm to MYE , but u posted wrong page Laugh of loud

  • ngoc_ly

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • Ah sorry Ím still learning Vietnamese so I'm a little confused....

  • My_Ngoc

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • ngocly

    I dónt know if they have its here or not ..
    but have its
    go there and register, then go to their "manga Archieve " and search, if they dónt have its. Go to their "Request" and request it.

    good luck

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