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  • Gapz Garden

    Julie’s family is very poor and since she’s plain and ugly, as her sister has told her time and time again, she does most of the chores in her house. By accident she meets the Yee family while trying to get her plane back from a tree in their yard. She meets the family again a year later and is adopted into their family. Soon she becomes a pawn between Mr. Yee’s new wife and his oldest son Ryan. Both of which will use Julie as a means to hurt one another. Can Julie survive her new life till she’s of legal age to leave? (sucky summary from me) In v03 the names change after the first chapter, but it's easy to pick up.

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  • ong già 60 tủi coi truyện tranh Glare

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  • lol Norm

    tại thí pà con tìm tòi nhiều lần muh ko có .. nin ông già nì phải lặn lọi đi tìm giúp đó mờ

    Hugging N

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  • i dun get the end?????

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  • mình thật sự ko hiểu kết cục của nó 1 ti nào cả :(
    bạn nào hiểu giải thich cho minh đi
    thanks :blush:

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  • chòi ơi,tìm mãi mới đc hix

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