what is life?

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  • What Is Life?
    (Cuo^.c do’i la gi?)

    Life is an adventure Dare it
    Do’i la cuo^.c phie^u luu’ Ha~y ma.o hie^?m
    Life is a challenge Meet it
    Do’i la chuye^.n thu’? tha/ch Pha?i duo’ng da^u
    Life is a beauty Praise it
    Do’i la ve? die^~m le^. Ha~y ca ngo’.i
    Life is a commitment Keep it
    Do’i la lo’i cam ke^/t Pha?i giu’~ lo’i

    Life is a duty Perform it
    Do’i la mo^.t nhie^.m vu. Ha~y thi hanh
    Life is a foot trace Win it
    Do’i lacuo^.c cha.y dua Pha? I chie^/n tha/ng
    Life is a gift Accept it
    Do’i la mo/n tang pha^?m Ha~y tie^/p nha^.n
    Life is a game Play it
    Do’i la mo^.t tro cho’I Pha? I tham du’.

    Life is a goal Achieve it
    Do’i la mo^.t muc. tie^u Ha~y thu’.c hie^n
    Life is a journey Complete it
    Do’i la cuo^.c hanh trinh Pha?I hoan ta^/t
    Life is love Enjoy it
    Do’i la tinh ye^u tho’u’ng Ha~y vui hu’o’?ng
    Life is a mystery Unfold it
    Do’i la nie^m bi/ a^?n Pha?I gia?I toa?

    Life is an opportunity Take it
    Do’i la mo^.t co’ ho^.i Ha~y na(/m la^/y
    Life is a promise Fulfill it
    Do’i la mo^.t lo’i hu’/a he.n Pha?I thu’.c thi
    Life is a song Sing it
    Do’i la mo^.t bai ca Ha~y ha/t le^n
    Life is a puzzle Solve it
    Do’i la bai toa/n do^/ Phai gia?I da/p

    Life is a tragedy Face it
    Do’i la ta^/n tha?m kich Ha~y do^/I die^.n
    Life is a sorrow Overcome it
    Do’i la no^~I dau thoung Phai vuot qua
    Life is a spirit Realize it
    do’i la ve? tinh tha^n Ha~y ca?m nha^.n
    Life is a struggle Fight it
    Do’i la cuo^.c chie^/n da^u Phai da^/u tranh

    Life is to be lived Live it…
    (…every day)
    Do’i danh de^? so^/ng Ha~y so^/ng…
    (…tu’ng ngay)

    Adapted from The Bhagaved Gita.

    Life is Sharing…Give it
    Cuo^.c so^/ng la Chia se?…Ha~y trao ta(.ng

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