Lọ Lem Giỏi Võ (Hot Blooded Woman) - Hwan Mi Ri

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  • it's the so-called MANWHA! ( Cryin xí muội nhiều khi cay thí bà luôn!!! cay quá muốn khóc!) anyway, Lọ Lem Giỏi Võ is a manwha from Hwang Mi Ri, about a girl who got a car crash BAM! she died and happily ever after... J/K! Okay, she thinks that being a jjang is paradise, and jjang means leader of ganster, and i have no idea how to translate gangster to vietnamese so deal with it for now. She got a car crash thanks to the hot and handsome Han Seo. She thought that she died but instead she gone to another body which is too pretty but have no muscles o_O The story begins as she met Sin Ou. THERE ARE MANY HOT GUYS IN HERE!

    English Reading:
    http://phoenixenflame.hostanime.com (not completed, online)

    Seriously, I really do hate online. But since it's for you people whom i love, Enchantment is the link for online ^^

    Why don't i just give you the links?

    I respect the scanlator and the uploaders, rather than doing illegal things like taking others' links and claim it yourself is a stupid thing to do, why not just link to he site? ^^

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  • I checked these web sites out, but none of them allows seeing the manga
    do you have other web site?

  • chokkii

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  • erm... these are for download and not for online. I'm sorry, i'll try to find the online version...

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