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  • dzui_dze

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước

  • u've always meant a lot to me..not because i depend on u, but because i know that deep down u will always love matter what people may say to me or ask me 'why the ++++ i'm still with u if ur no use'..they don't understand that wen u vow somethinf u stick to it no matter wat - and also because u know no matter how unfair u may be treated or will will long as two people work together.

    No matter how long i have to wait for u, (i know the worst thing i could do is get angry and give up - those won't ever happen - ), i will wait thru rain, pain and wat it takes but not lie to myself - cause i will be me..i jus hope u can understand how i feel wen i talk to u. I want to be able to talk to u truthfully, i know i might say a few things that may seem offensive or uncomfortable for u, but understand i am trying to find the right words.

    Despair is wat i feel - but i can not empathise ur pain - no matter how much i may write or talk or understand you..i can only imagine because ur pain is an individual experience..i know i have said this many times before.........i am sorry for every single miniscule moment - no matter how small - that i made u sad...a promise is a a vow of trust and i will keep it - i will make up for all those matter how lame or impossible u may think it is..i will achieve it not because i owe it to u but because i love you very much...

    I know ur wound is deep - i understand why u hide it from others (i do the
    same) but u don't have to hide that with me because it will only hurt u
    more..i know wen ur hurt..i can just feel more free wen ur with me and u'll feel so much better!!!i will be there wen u need a should to cry on, or lean on if u need any help - like i've promised u before i will do wats
    humanly possible to be there for u.there is no doubt in my mind that we can turn all this around and start on a new leaf...but plz lets be there for
    eachother wen we need help - and of course accept that help..hunny if u ever need anything jus say it, n i'll see wat i can do..nothing is impossible..

    these few months have been bad for me - so hav ur's - but i know i can pull thru it because i hav to look forward to... :) .. work hard and it will pay off - be tru to urself and the one u care for the most will see the best in u eventually - and she will see that u r worth it, u have proven urself, and that together is where u will always be from then on..

    i am hurting much inside - it is taking its toll on my schooling and thoughts
    and sleep..but i care for u too much to think about myself...i jus hope i can prove everything very soon..

    from HHN

  • damndtv

    khoảng 2 10 năm trước
  • I hope you can turn things around. I'm pretty sure you treated the one you love real good, "i care for u too much to think about myself" This is what love is. Keep going bro. Thanks man

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