Vicrian romance emma [read manga]

  • dote_the_dote

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  • Japan title: Emma
    English title: Emma or Victorian romance Emma

    Story & Art: Kaoru Mori
    Cultural Advisor: Rico Murakami

    Status: Complete

    Genre: Historical, Romance, Slice of Life


    Emma - A Victorian Romance (TV)
    Victorian Romance Emma Second Act
    You can find the anime torrent files on
    And there're some Emma clips on youtube, i havent checked them out yet, not sure if they are full episodes, or just some short clips : arch=

    Plot: Emma has spent most of her life as house maid to an old lady. Now her employer receives a visit from a young man, William Jounse, to whom she was once governess. The meeting between William and Emma is the beginning of a romance that crosses all social boundaries.

    Here is the 1st chapter, you can find the rest at Hope you all enjoy it, like i did.


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  • a very cute stories .. :) emma seem to be a careless clumsy person .. Laugh of loud

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