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  • CoBeLanhLungTuyetTinh

    July 31st 2011, 12:12 am
  • Saturday 7/30/2011

    Personal feelings.

    Wake up this morning I have nothing to do because my boyfriend went to camping with his friends and his brother. Most of his friends are calling him N. I don’t like calling him J because that is not even his name it is a fake name for people easy to remember and easy to call him. I remember the first time he wrote me a note was saying that this is us first time and from J. then time to time I found out that J is not his real name just a English nickname. From now on I like to call him N beside this is his real name. He like to hiking, biking and camping a lot but not me I am really not interesting so I didn’t go with him yesterday they take off about 12:30 pm and I do have to work until 5 pm. By the time I am house around 5:30 pm. He and me the hobbies are totally opposite from each other. Sometimes I really want to argument with each other but the thing that he did not like it so most of the time I did not like something I tell him or give him reaction so he know but sometimes I just ignore for like things. So during the whole day I read the book, watching television, movies online and do some house chores. The worse I should do it but I did not do it yet is my laundry I need to do. I feel so lazy today. Seen like five day at work and two day weekend don’t need to do anything beside relax and rest however not like that way. I am is sitting here and wondering back to the old day, when I was still in high school people always copy my work and homework all the time after they copy did not like me because my of look not beauty and not prefect life like them. They are lucky than me a thousand time because they are get support them they parents but for my sometimes I do but some I don’t I always wrong and sad. Until I am is dating with N for about two year or more than that people start to see me different. Every times people are teasing me and N when they see us in the house or around them. Or even outside every so often they say me and N are look prefect together because me and N look every similar to each other. The smiles have brought us happy to tears.
    Cryin Cryin Cryin

  • CoBeLanhLungTuyetTinh

    August 21st 2011, 7:04 pm
  • Sunday August 21, 2011

    chán không có gì để làm ở đây được thực hiện với các công việc nhà và giặt quần ao......bây giờ không biết làm gì để giết thời gian và ngày mai làm việc một lần nữa

  • Lòng Trắc Ẩn

    August 21st 2011, 7:15 pm
  • Cô giáo kiếm truyện nào buồn buồn đọc đi! Rolleyes

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