HELP PLEASE!!!! IDM (internet download manager) too slow

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  • I need help please!!!!!

    i do have megaupload premium..w/ direct download

    I'm using Internet Download Manager (IDM) every time when I started Queues, the speed was amazing no problem at all up to 1.0mb/s

    Usually I scheduled it downloading 2 files at the same. for the first several files it's downloading at an amazing speed, however, after 3-4 files, the speed dropped dramatically (around 3 - 4 kb/s).

    I tried several attempts, I set it downloading 1 file, 3 or 4 files at a same times.
    First several files, the connection is just fine up to 1.0mb/s , but after several files the speed dropped down to (3-4 kb/s) again....

    Usually I'm downloading Chinese movies, lots of episodes, it takes me while a bit to complete all downloads cuz of the speed

    Please help, anyone knows whats wrong...
    Internet provider: Comcast
    Router: linksys 54g

    please help.. thanks in advance!!

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