help correct this..plzzzzz thanx so mcuh

  • b4b13_4ly

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • can some1 correct baai nay dc kg cho minh, sap thi rui...chi sua lai gium thui ah...boi vi baby kg gioi ting anh lam . ai sua giup dc baby thi baby cam on rat nhiu nhiuuuu

    Do you know our global which will be going to have a big pollution the water, the air, the soil and others. We couldn't know how many are they have so dirty right? Jen, Yam and i will explain about why was the world get so un clean and what happens will it be goỉng we will going to give some solution to make our globe to make clean if the people could to protect it.. Confused ???

  • quantu

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  • Our water, air, and soil are all polluted. Pollution is a big problem in our world. Yen, Jam and I will discuss about the causes leading to pollution, and what we can do to help out.

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