a theory of love that is not to be sniffed at

  • TayThi92

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  • Expensive aftershaves ,hair gels ,deo are all part of the armoury of modern man .But when it come to getting the girl,chaps might be better off letting their natural scent shine throụgh
    ỤS psychologists collected samples of sweat fr men who had not used above things or any other scented product , including soap for 2 days.A group of female volunteers were then asked to sniff the sweat pads while their brain were scanned. The studies carried at Rice Uni in TX , suggested that women can subconsciously sniff out men who are attracted to thẹm . A study carried out at the Uni of Northumbria showed that a whiff of sweat can turn a frog into a prince !!!! Shock Ohh my!! Shock
    A group of women were set to judge the attractiveness of men show in photos , unknow to them a cloth soaked in male sweat was hidden nearby . Suddenly , all the men were given higher ratings

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