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  • Bài này thứ 2 kyo nộp rồi nhưng sai grammar nhieu quá, cố gắng sửa rồi nhưng sao thấy nó vẫn kô ổn cho lắm. Cám ơn trước nha.

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  • My brother asked me earlier, “What were you thinking?”, or “Do you think about your mother feeling when you did something like that” I don’t know how to answer either question. I was just having fun without thinking about another. I realize what I did yesterday was wrong and sorry just not enough after what I did

    Thirteen degrees Celsius outside, raining and windy night, the kind of wind would blow you away if you do not pay attention. I sit inside a small room with an old scary-looking guy. There is nothing in this room except a old woof table, the one that makes a cracking sound every time you touch it, two silver chairs, which make me worry it would crash when I first sit on it, and a broken classic fan in the corner. There is a window in the left wall and I can see the street from there. I look at the clock and it points at 6 p.m. I am wondering why the street is so empty. Is it me or nobody want to hang around the police office.

    John, the old scary-looking detective, who sits on the other side of the table and has been interviewing me about what I did last night. John looks like he has been through a lot of trouble and problem in his life, he is one of those guys who you do not want to talk to and scare when you accidently look over him. He has sharp eagle eyes, tattoos along his arms, guns and handcuffs in his belt with an untouchable muscle body. I just finished answering all the question they ask you when you go to the health center, but they are lot nicer at the health center compare to this old detective.

    It was a beautiful morning yesterday; I woke up with a lot in my mind. I had planned for that day and many of them are great activities. My day did not go according to the correct plan and that is why I am here.

    Like all other kids, I have my own motorbike but it’s an old one and not very shining. I brushed my teeth with my electronic tooth-brush and figure out that I ran out of hair gel and knew my mom has some in her bathroom. As usual, I run to her bathroom to get the gel. On the way walking there I accidently find out where my mom puts the key for her Ps and suddenly the idea of taking her motorbike to go out for a day is all over my mind. I take the key with me when I walk out of her room. My mother has business to take care of so and will not be back till tomorrow.

    In my country, if you are driving an expensive motorbike, everyone around you looks at you at different level. While I was driving around in my mom’s Ps, I saw everyone driving around me looking at me with respect and wish they can be like me. I drive around for endless hours by myself with no goal to stop at any time soon. After a while, I am bored and decide to go further away from the city to the other area where I have never been to. It is getting late and moon and stars already replace the sun. I have been driving nonstop and realize, I find myself alone on empty strange streets, I see houses on both sides but nobody on the sidewalk and nobody else is driving in this street. I start wondering what is going on here. For second, my nose smells something amazing from far distance. My eye automatically turns where the smell comes from. A gorgeous girl is driving in the opposite direction with me. My body quickly reacts to what happening and I make a U turn to follow the lady. While driving a most expensive motorbike out there with shining cloth and highlight hairs, I feel like I have all the confidence in the world to be able to be friend with this girl. This is where I meet Julianne.

    Julianne has an angel face with mysterious chocolate-milk eyes. She has some light make up on her face. She has long curve hairs and a highlight which makes her look very attractive. She is about my height and is wearing a cute pink shirt with boots-cut jeans and tennis shoes. Her nails are well done and everything about her is perfect.

    As a nice guy, I slowly catch up to her and use my own way to start a conversation. I tell her “She looks like somebody who lives next to me”, it works every time to every girl I ever try to talk to. I am amazingly surprise the way Julianne responds to my fake story. She speaks as if she know me for a long time. Her voice seduces me right away. She sounds like a well-education girl that just stays home and goes to school every day. After five minutes, I can feel that this conversation will never stop, and I start to have a feeling for this beautiful girl. We decide to go to a coffee shop so we can sit down and get to know each other a little bit more.

    We went to a famous coffee shop in the area, they have all kind of coffee in this shop and so many cool things inside this shop you can do while you are enjoying your coffee. Their wall is painted with a picture of 19th century China wars. They have comic books and magazines in one corner and much different kind of tables, from wood to silver or glass depending on the customer’s preference, as well as television adapt to the wall. You can smell the coffee from three miles away. They have the best coffee in the city and the best landscape in town. They are open all year long 24/7.

    Julianne and I spend endless time together talking about many different areas, she told me a lot about herself, family and she is single. I do not ask how old she is but I do realize she is lot older than me at that time. For some reason, I have a feeling that I and her relationship are moving really fast and it get me really exciting.

    It’s getting late and it is her ideas to leave her motorbike at the coffee shop and we can just drive around in my splendid Ps. After five minutes driving around and talking, she starts putting her arm around my body and getting closer from the back. I try to pretend like nothing happen and just keep talking but slowly use my hand hold her hand while driving. It is the best time of my life.

    The street is now completely empty, it is late and all the good kids are in bed with a sweet dream. I am tired and I told Julianne that, as soon as she heard me, she tells me that she would like to spend a night with me in an inn if I like. I am really surprise and try to think, but my mouth quickly reacts and agrees with her.

    I do not know any inn around my area; I have not spent a night in an inn before. So Julianne shows me how to get to an inn which in an area I know nothing about. As we walking upstairs, we do not say anything. Once we enter the room, I try to kiss Julianne and she respond by telling me to wait a little bit. She tells me to take a shower and goes downstairs get some orange juice while I am in the shower. I feel like a different man after shower with many crazy ideas inside my head. When I walk out of the shower, Julianne is waiting for me with the cup of orange juice, I do not think and drink a whole cup in less than a seconds. Julianne tell me she wants to take a shower so I have no choice but wait for her. I fall in sleep easily after she goes inside the shower.

    A cleaner wake me up by knocking the door, I have a headache when I try to get up. I do not remember a thing after Julianne goes inside the shower and I am shock when I find out I lose all my money, cell phone, and my motorbike’s key. I quickly run downstairs and ask the reception but they tell me the girl leave last night and she leave a note for me as well. I ask for the note and there is nothing in there but two words “Have fun”. The reception tells me the room already paid so I do not have to pay anything. I figure out what is going on but I know it is already too late and I get scam by Julianne.

    With no money, no phone, no ID, I have no choice but walk home and I cannot think of anything while I am walking. It take me bit more than hours to walk home, people are everywhere in the streets, I am trying to look for Julianne and hope that I will find her, but no luck she is already gone. I am trying to think about what would my mother and brothers say once I get home and I am already scare when I think about it

    My mother do not act much but take me to the police office and hand me to the officer and tell them to help her find Julianne. That is how I end up in this room with John, the old scary-looking detective. I tell John the story and I am hoping he will be able to help me find Julianne as well. John ask me a few more question about Julianne before he let me go, I try my best to describe Julianne for him but it is no help, he said. There are too many scammer, liar like Julianne out there just wait for kids like me to get net.

    After the interview, John calls my mother to pick me up and take me to the front. Once my mother arrives, he promises us he will try his best to help us get our motorbike back. My mother does not say anything to me but she just looks at me and sighs for a long time. I feel bad inside of my head but I do not know anything to say to my mother. We both do not say a word on the way home.

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