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  • Topic: What are some of the qualities of a good parent? Use specific details and examples to explain
    your answer.


    Parents are a important part in our lives. The qualities of parents also influence the success in our life. There are supposed question which the qualities of a good parent are. In my opinion, a good parent should be persevering, diligent and wise.

    First, a good parent should be persevering in educating their children. In childhood, most of us are very stubborn so that parents encounter a lot of difficulties to bring up us. If they try to direct us to good characteristics, we will become good, then. Conversely, we may catch some bad habits if our parents ignore us. For example, there is a parent that always buy everything that their child requests because the child always cry when the parent do not please him. Then the child will become more difficult to teach in future.

    Second, a good parent should be diligent to bring happiness for their family. If their parent is not diligent enough, their child will always suffer the lack of materials. By contrast, if their parent works hardly, their child will have enough convenient things for his mature. For example, he will have enough nutrient food and learning tools for their health and education.

    Finally, a good parent should be wise to bring good advices to their children. All of us have ever been confused in various issues. In each of these cases, we may need an advice from our parents to solve problem. In the past, I had been confused to choose one of the academic universities to take the entrance examination. My parent had helped me to find the university which is best suited to me.

    In summary, good parents should be persevering to create our good personalities. They are also diligent to create best conditions for our mature. Furthermore, they must be wise to give us best advices when we encounter difficulties. There are many other qualities the parents should have, but in my opinion the three above qualities are best.

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