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  • lovely_allie

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  • If you separate PKF using electrophoresis, how would the isozymes migrate if the M subunit has a lower pI an the L subunỉt

  • tieumanu_83

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  • Your question was to separate PKF but then you go straight to M and L I have not see any correlation or how it gets there.

    For electrophoresis it also depends on which type you are doing..for instance SDS-PAGE, native PAGE, IEF or A-PAGE

    But since you are talking about the subunit and pI. I believe you are talking about 2D gel electrophoresis.

    The first stage is IEF (separation based on pI), the low pI protein will migrate towards the anode before the higher pI. Then the 2nd dimension is to separate them by SDS-PAGE. The lighter or smaller subunit will migrate down the gel first.

    Hence, in a square format, the M subunit will be on the left hand side (top if heavy, bottom if light) and the L subunit will be on the opposite.

    I guess my answer is a bit late now :)


  • lovely_allie

    khoảng 1 10 năm trước
  • yeah too late.
    I aced the class but thanks for the effort.


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