Does Life have meaning? (Y nghia cua doi sỏng)

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  • Does Life have meaning?
    By: Tuan Anh Nguyen

    Our life is actually complex and meaningful. Someone has said: “to live is to fight”, but what they really mean as they state is that in the course if survival, man has to deal with many aspects of social living. Life is what we have to pass on either by our own effort or by support of others.

    Indeed, life has had a precious and widespread meaning. Life describes not only the inveterate relationship between man and man but also between god and man. Life is considered as a sign of power, cooperation, happiness and goodness. Life can be also regarded as a sign of sadness, sin, conflict and competition.

    In early time, God had created man, animal, plants and other kind of living things on earth, more fortunate, man has been given a higher biological and mental capacity than animal. Our ancient man has suffered long range consequences of natural disasters, attacked from animals or other human being groups. However, by the means of cooperation and creative ability, ancient man has survived.

    Our ancient man also established rules, regulations and other kind of social norms to guide his social living and by the continued survival of human beings, social and cultural traditions have been transformed from one generation to another.

    Living in a society, especially in modern competitive societies, everyone must go through the process of socialization in which a new individual is fixed in to an organized way of life and into an established cultural pattern.

    Other, social meaning of life can be seen in the process of social interaction in which people acts toward or respond to other people. Daily social activities require people to interact to one another. In other words, man had to cooperate with each other so that his life can be more rigid, stable, safe and prosperity.

    Although social interaction may be different from times and places, the inveterate social characteristic has clearly indicated a specific social meaning of life.

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