On Incarnation- The Beginning of our True Life- The Soul

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    MT có đọc một vài đề tài có những cảm nghĩ rất hay bàn thảo về Soul Mate trong trang "Gỡ Rối Tơ Lòng", và bởi vì MT cũng đang tìm hiểu, nghiên cứu về phần tâm linh, và có một số bài văn của một người bạn đã thương gởi đến. Những bài văn đã giúp ích rất nhiều cho MT và MT cũng đã học hỏi được thật nhiều.

    Ông bà cha mẹ có dạy, cái gí hay thì nên chỉ và chia sẻ cho nhau. Vì thế MT có kèm theo một bài văn dưới đây. Bài văn được viết bằng tiếng Anh nên MT cũng muốn Post nguyên văn, ngoại trừ tên riêng đã bi "deleted" để tạm bảo trì sự kín đáo cho tác giả. Kế theo bài văn này, MT sẽ from time to time, gởi thêm những bài văn sau. Vậy MT mời các bạn cùng đọc để cùng chia sẻ tìm hiểu và suy ngẫm. Bài văn như sau:


    To explain why such a process is a little more complicated, we need to go back to the beginning of the progress of the un-individualized soul, and once we have the understanding of this process correctly, we can better understand the process required for the soul that has undergone the re-incarnation.

    At the instant our Father desires or intends for something to exist, the thing He desires comes into existence. Of those things, our soul, and by the soul I mean the complete soul consisting of the two “halves”, came into existence in the same manner. This is why Jesus said in the first century, “before Abraham was, I am,” which meant that before the man Abraham existed in the flesh, Jesus existed as a soul. Of course, this not only applies to Jesus himself, but also all of those souls created, including yourself, since we were all created at the instant of God’s intention.

    But we existed in an un-individualized form, meaning that we were not at the time conscious of our own existence or individuality. At this time, the soul could be said to have an “instinct”, and many God determined actions are included within its instinct, the primary action being to find a spirit and mortal body into which to incarnate to become an individualized form. There are many other actions of course, including the feeling within the soul that it must answer the questions of life, such as “Why am I here,” “Where am I going,” “What is my purpose,” and similar questions which we all want to answer if we stay close to our feelings during our life.

    Each soul could be considered in human terms to have a genetic imprint,
    which comes directly from our parent, our Father and Mother, who is our God and Creator. At the time of human conception, when the egg and sperm cells combine, the genetic imprint of two further bodies begins, the body of the material, which man classifies as the DNA structure of the material body, and the body of the spiritual, which man cannot classify currently, but which also has a genetic blueprint which could be considered to be similar to the material body.

    I cannot at this time discuss the intricacies of this process, since,
    besides being very difficult for most to understand, it is not the point of my discussion. At a later time, these matters will be discussed with the medical fraternity, and I expect that their understanding of many medical and psychological procedures will deepen, with the resultant change to many medical practices currently used generally.

    Now half of the soul incarnates into the body prepared. For the purposes of our discussion I shall still refer to it as the “soul”, but the reader needs to consider that it is the half of the soul that I am now referring to. The “first half” of the soul may incarnate into any material body in the earth plane, and this process is generally a random choice, in a similar nature to the randomness of a sperm finding and impregnating the egg in the process of reproduction. The second “half”, since it has an affinity to the first half, often remains in close proximity to the first half that has become incarnated, and in almost all cases, will incarnate into a body where it has a high likelihood of finding its soul mate during its existence on the
    earth. This is a provision of our Father’s Love.

    So the soul (remember the half of the soul), which is the real man or woman, has gained individuality, and, if left to a proper natural course, will continue its cycle of growth while contained with the spiritual and mortal bodies.

    The first body that the soul becomes aware of is its mortal body. Once the brain of that body is able to adjust to its surroundings, awareness comes to the soul and that soul sees in a mirror a person, which it believes defines its existence. So, the soul which did not have an individuality, now has an individuality, and has a consciousness of the same, and believes that the person in the mirror, that others see, is the complete definition of who it is.

    Now, many “souls” will go through their entire material existence without being conscious of any other part of themselves, and by this I mean that they are not really conscious that they also have a spiritual body, and a soul, which are both attached to the material body while it remains alive. Also, the soul often thinks of its material body as the “real person”, since it may not be conscious of these other concurrent parallel existences of itself.

    As time progresses, the mind of the spirit body, through the exercise of the brain of the material body, may begin to become aware of “spiritual things”, which cannot be explained using a material analysis of the universe in which it “appears” to exist, although, I must say, is definitely supported by a scientifically open examination the material universe. This process is often accompanied by a “realization” of the existence of a higher being, which it now refers to as the “God” of which its conception may be correct or in error, depending on the information supplied by other “souls” within the material world.

    Also, this same soul, while exercising its mind and brain, may become more aware of the spiritual body in which it is encased. And, in doing this, it may even come to understand the different areas where different types of information are being process while it is having the experience within the material world. Of course, if this process does not occur while the soul is attached to the material existence, it may occur during its existence while it is attached to its spiritual existence.

    While the soul has the material experience, although it may not be aware of the fact, it is concurrently having a spiritual experience, and a soul experience. All it needs is an awareness to occur before it can really live a complete experience, and this is the fact whether it is in a material or spiritual world.

    So, to summarize, the soul, before incarnation, is not personally aware of its own existence, or of its own “personality”. When it incarnates, during the process of living, it gains awareness, and now has individuality. Please understand that I am loosely using the term “process of living”, since some material bodies perish while in their mother’s womb, either by miscarriage, or by a miscarriage of Love through abortion, but they nevertheless are souls with individualization.

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