Spell Of Loves

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  • Romance Spells

    How to make him more than a friend

    Tie a red ribbon around a plain container. Write your name and his name on a piece of paper, then place it into the container and cover it with honey. Channel your energy into it (focusing your intentions into it). Put the container into the freezer and this will sweeten up his feelings towards you.
    Desperate and dateless

    You will need:

    A white cloth
    A pink candle
    Pen and paper

    Cleanse your telephone by wiping down the reciever with a damp cloth. Light a pink candle and calmly think about your intended lover. Write down his name eight times on a piece of pink paper and hold it while you repeat this incarnation:

    'Goddess, Salina, hear my plea, send my lover's words to me'

    Wrap the paper up in a ball and leave it near your telephone for one month.

    Get Your Crush to Kiss You

    This spell will work better if you do it on a Tuesday and is best done during a waning moon. To get your crush to kiss you when you see him you will need: a red candle, paper and some red lipstick.

    Light the red candle.
    On the paper, draw lips with the lipstick, and then burn the paper using the candle.
    As you burn the paper, think about the guy you like and say: ‘kiss me when you see me.... (say the guys name), kiss me. Greet me with your lips and say you missed me, but make sure you kiss me.’
    Bewitching Love Spell

    To win over your crush, caste this sweet spell on the half moon, before a date, party or meeting with your crush.

    You will need:

    5 candles
    1 teaspoon of vanilla bath salts
    A handful of red rose petals
    5 drops of jasmine essence oil
    5 crystals

    Place the candles in a circle near the bath and plce the crystals in the centre of the circle. Drop the jasmine oil and bath salts into the bath and chant five times: 'Whence I bathe on this night, All my lovers will bathe in my light.' Light the candles and throw the rose petals in the bath. When you have finished your bath, blow out the candles and be ready for men to fall at your feet.

    'Bring It On' Love Oil

    You will need:

    1 cup almond oil
    5 drops lavender oil
    5 willow leaves
    5 apple seeds

    On a Friday during the full moon, cast a circle around your stove. Place the almond oil in a small pot. Warm it and add the apple seeds and willow leaves. Add the lavender oil and keep the oil warm long enough to let the oils mix, (about 5 mins.) but, do not let it boil. Let it cool and pour it into a jar for future use. Dab a smal amount on your neck or on your pillow to bring your crush closer.

    Ancient Chinese Love Potion

    A traditional Chinese love potion consists of a handful of coriander seeds crushed and stirred into a glass of white wine while chanting the phrase 'Warm seed, love run strong; warm heart, let us never part'. The lovers then drink the wine, and their love is assured.

    Pretty Pagan Love Potion

    You will need:

    2 cups spring water
    3 tablespoons of sea salt
    1 teaspoon basil
    3 rose petals
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    pink candle
    enamel pan

    Cast a circle around stove. Simmer ingredients for two minutes while visualising love in your life. Light the candle and picture a pink aura around the potion. When potion cools, chant: 'I weave a spell of witchery, so all boys are bewitched by me.' Pour into a jar for future use.

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  • lolllllllll ... Hottygirl thử chưa vạy ??? Laugh of loud

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  • Grin Laugh of loud Laugh Thử rùi nhưng mà bị thất vọng hoài à.hihihihi Giggling Laugh of loud :blush: Innocent

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  • kak kak kak ..... this is very funny, but are you sure this "spell of Loves" works. if there is no guarantees . ppl watch out for the slaps "Outch, đau quá đi". Ai xúi bậy đây.

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  • It sounds so awesome too bad I highly doubt it'll work

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