Khai vị Bát Bửu

  • dragonboy999

    August 7th 2005, 7:50 pm
  • Co tat ca 8 mon (bat buu ma, phai khong?)

    1) Cha lua (cha que, hay cha chien tuy theo y thich)
    2) Sua (jelly fish)
    3) Trung vit bac thao
    4) Jambon
    5) Tom (hap, hay luoc roi lot vo)
    6) Trung cut chien (luoc, lot vo roi nhung bot chien)
    7) Bao tu heo (pha lau hay luoc, tuy y)
    8) Tim, or gan heo (luoc or pha lau)

    Tat ca deu thai mieng vua an (tru trung cut chien de nguyen cai). Salad va do chua ( carrot, dua leo, cu cai trang, du du, tuy y thich) de lot duoi dia . Sap xep "bat buu" len tren xen ke nhau . Chinh giua dia de 1/2 trai ca chua (tomatoe) khoet ruot de sauce mayonaise . Trinh bay dia sao cho ep mat theo y thich la duoc . Neu thich thi co them dia nuoc tuong (soy sauce).
    Mon nay an lanh (do nguoi)

  • nokii

    August 8th 2005, 9:16 am
  • Cam On Nhieu Nha :d

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