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  • Chapter 26

    Nicholas And Jessica Forever

    Chapter 26 Nicholas And Jessica Forever

    Nicholas Tse and Jessica Chung, oh where should I begin? He thought (and knew) he loved her, or (Gillian) but it was her, who was her twin or whatever. Jessica dumped Edison in a lighting flash. Period. They were just so meant for each other. (Nick and Jess, I meant.) But they were just way too blind by the truth to see it. Then faith and destiny threw them back together. And here’s how it started once again…

    * * *

    Jessica was in a nightclub, downtown, depressed. How could Gillian just walk out and just leave Edison at the altar? Like that? It wasn’t Gillian’s nature to be so cold hearted. Not that he didn’t deserve it or anything but still… She sighed and ordered another yet glass of Scotch.

    She was sitting on one of the many tall bar stools, her long legs dangling in the air. But they were firmly crossed because, she was wearing a skirt and she did not want to be mistake for a prostitute.

    However, she did look like one. Her reddish-brown hair was lightly perm with strawberry blonde hair was let down gently. Her blue contact lenses glittered and danced with the bar’s dimmed fluorescent lights. Her body was still perfectly fit; her black spaghetti strap tank top clung to her chest both because of the heat and of the fact that it was a little too tight for her. Her white thigh length skirt was silky and cool. Her eyes concentrated on the bartender’s every move. Jessica actually found him quite attractive. She was too deep in her thoughts to notice that someone had drawn near her.

    * * *

    Nicholas had just arrived in a nightclub, downtown, down and out. He had been feeling pretty low. He didn’t even have sex for the past three months! Who knows how long he could go on? He felt like he had needed her. He had missed Jessica, the girl that he loved. It had been three months since the little Hawaii trip. Jessica had said goodbye to him after their little ‘visit’ to their father’s.

    He didn’t understand but he felt like she was the only right girl for him. He loved her as much as anyone could love another person and if not even more. He felt empty, lost and lonely without her. When Jessica was around, he had fun.

    Nicholas had found out about Gillian’s wedding, although he didn’t go to it. He couldn’t bring himself to go, even though he did nothing to offend or hurt Gillian. He just couldn’t.

    Tonight was Friday night and he had finally been able to step into a club and feel a little like himself again. Maybe he should break his little three month hiatus; it definitely wasn’t healthy for him and his body.

    * * *

    “Hello,” his voice was deep, dangerous and familiar.

    Jessica turned her attention from the sexy bartender towards the direction of the guy’s voice. “Hi.”

    “Hey, what’s a beautiful girl doing, all alone, in a place like this, on a Friday night?” he asked.

    Jessica couldn’t help but replied with. “Nicholas?”

    “Hi, Jess,” Nicholas smiled back.

    “What are you doing here?” Jessica was so happy to see Nicholas, but she tried hard not to show too much of that.

    “I was about to order a drink and then find myself a friend or something like that, but I think that I have just found something possibly even better,” Nicholas grinned like crazy.

    All Jessica could do was smile. She had missed him way too much. However, she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that little hidden fact. So she added, “Possibly?”

    “Completely,” Nicholas gave Jessica his cocky grin.

    “Right,” Jessica nodded. “You better be right.”

    “Of course, I am,” Nicholas replied back. “So what do you say we get together after I buy you a drink?”

    “But of course,” Jessica was at all smiles.

    * * *

    Nicholas and Jessica had hooked up and became an item again. He had truly loved her, she had truly loved him. It was neither about the looks, money nor what other people thought. It was all about the love.


    I am so sorry for such a chapter, but this concludes Nick and Jessica. =) I hope that you have enjoyed it and the next chapter is on… Make a wild guess, eh? I will make it up to you guys next chapter, I promise! =] Any comments?

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