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  • Chapter 27

    Her Past And Their Epilogue

    Chapter 27 Her Past And Their Epilogue
    Author’s Note: “This last chapter is dedicated to everyone who have supported me so far! I love you all!” *muahs!*


    Gillian Chung was listening to Under My Skin on her Sony Discman once again. Even though she had hit the age of thirty-three, she still loved Avril Lavigne very much. That had never changed and it would never change. But that was not all that she had loved. She loved the new love of her life: Thomas otherwise known as Tom. She looked down at her sleeping son. All of her life lied there, breathing steadily. Gillian sighed happily as she gently stroked his soft locks of hair. Her eyes concentrated on the newspaper that she had bought at the airport.

    She couldn’t believe that she had left Toronto for three years already. She had left with Robbie, her wedding dress, cell phone, all of her credit cards and her Canadian passport. They had driven to the big apple of: New York City on his Harley because; Gillian needed another change of clothes besides her wedding gown. There in NYC, she did a little damage in the shopping department. Afterwards, they went to Las Vegas and had a lot of fun there. There, Gillian stayed a full week and then got up and left. It wasn’t because; she had gotten bored of Robbie. She just needed someone familiar to help her through such a rough time.

    She flew straight to Australia and there she found out that she was pregnant! After her little visit to the doctor’s, she immediately flew to Vancouver, British Columbia to stay with her Great-Aunt twice removed. Great-Aunt Jackie was the black sheep of the Chung family. But Gillian loved her more than any other relative in her family tree. Except for maybe Jessica of course.

    Jackie Chung had welcomed Gillian without wide, open arms into her little home. Gillian stayed in Vancouver for a year and a bit. So her baby was Canadian born and Jackie was so happy. She wanted to leave her child there at her aunt’s while she tried to figure out what she was going to do. So Gillian asked Jackie to take care of Tom for a while and promised that she would come back for him and she did, in two weeks. She had missed him so much and everything about her son reminded her so much of his father… Therefore Jackie made Gillian to visit often and to come back to her house for all the usual holidays and Gillian promised sincerely.

    Then she spent the next two years of her life, traveling around the world with her child. But then she discovered something special. Her intriguing talent for writing. During her visit to London, England, she hooked up with a former colleague: Tobey Maguire. He was an editor and she showed him some of the short stories that she had written. He absolutely loved it! He loved it so much that he wanted her to write even more stories. And she did, Gillian Chung became a very successful author, all thanks to Tobey.

    And very quickly, Gillian became a published author with an award winning book entitled: ‘Truthful Lies.’ It was all about her lifelong story, with everything from her greedy son of a bitch for a father to her beloved son. The book was dedicated to Great-Aunt Jackie and Tom. However her identity was kept a secret because, she didn’t want the whole world to know that Gillian ‘the original’ Chung was a writer. So her penname was G.Chi.

    Because of the fact that she had traveled all over the world at least once, she was inspired to write so many exquisite stories and original poetry. And after three long years of running away from her faith, she had finally been ready to come home and face the reality that is her world. The pilot announced that they were landing, and she felt the airplane’s wheels collide with the hard cement floor. Gillian carefully placed her son into his little carrier and grabbed her purse. She walked out of the terminal with the rest of the passengers and went straight to pick up her luggage.

    She had already called for a taxi when they were flying over Toronto. The driver recognized her because; he was the exact same driver who drove her to the airport only three years ago. It wasn’t hard to forget someone giving you a thirty dollar tip. He smiled and put her luggage into the truck of the car. While Gillian climbed into the backseat, trying hard not to wake up Tom.

    “Where to ma’am?” the driver asked as he pulled on his seatbelt.

    “1011 Richmond Valley,” Gillian replied her home address as she stared outside, the snowflakes falling lightly onto the ground. Christmas was just around the corner.

    About half an hour later she was standing in front of her house. It looked as if she had never left. The house’s windows’ glass danced with the warm sunshine. The house had looked so warm and inviting. She walked up the sidewalk with the baby carried in one hand and tugging the suitcase with the other. Gillian unlocked the front door with her house keys. The familiar scent crept up her nose.

    “Miss Gillian, is that you?” a voice called out uncertainly.

    “Yes, Ellen, it’s me,” Gillian grinned at her housekeeper.

    “Miss, it is so good to see you again,” Ellen Smith leaned forward and hugged Gillian tightly.

    “I am so glad to be back at home. And my, you don’t look a day older than the last time that I saw you. If possible, you look ever younger,” Gillian complimented.

    Ellen Smith blushed a little, “You do pay me well, dear.”

    Gillian smiled. “Well I’m going to go see my bedroom now. You don’t mind watching Tom for a while, would you?”

    “Oh, of course not. But I must warn you that I haven’t looked after a child since you and Jessica turned eighteen.”

    “I’m positive that you will do great, like you always do,” Gillian praised as she walked up the stairs. She had both missed and loved the way her stairs creaked. As she entered her bedroom, she immediately remembered the morning that she woke up and had a headache and to find Nicholas sleeping soundly on her Italian couch. The way that their conversation just flowed. She felt the pain in her finger and remembered how gently he had bandaged her finger. She shook her head at the memory of him. You’re not suppose to think about your sister’s possible husband in that kind of way, Gillian, an inner voice warned. Gillian sighed heavily because, a small part of her wanted Nicholas by her side but then another part of her wanted to be with Edison and yet another part wants her to suck it all in and be a fighter against her own emotions.

    Gillian fell back onto her soft bed and closed her eyes. What was she going to do? She thought that she was ready to face the harsh reality but now she wasn’t so sure. She sighed and stood up, thinking, running away is never the answer. She went downstairs and decided to take whatever was coming one step at a time. “Ellen?” she called out.

    “Yes, Miss?” was Ellen’s reply from the kitchen.

    “I want to go to STC* for a while, but I’ll be back soon, alright?” Gillian asked.

    [*Scarborough Town Center.]

    “But of course, do you want to bring Tommy boy with you?” Ellen asked.

    “I guess so, because, I want him to see STC,” Gillian smiled at the thought of showing his son the great water fountains. But the smile faded when she remembered that Tom had seen sights of The Eiffel Tower, The Niagara Falls from the U.S.A side and a lot more. She put on her winter coat and zipped up.

    “Okay, but come back for dinner, I’m making your favorite: my special lasagna,” Ellen grinned from ear to ear as she handed Gillian a fully wrapped with winter clothing Tommy boy.

    Gillian picked up her son and answered, “That I would not even miss for the world.” She grabbed her purse and found the baby cart that she had asked Ellen to purchase next to the front door. She placed Tom inside and he was smiling. She gave him a couple of toys and pushed the cart outside to the garage. She picked up her child and put him in the baby seat of the backseat of her red winter vehicle which was a Toyota Matrix. She safely made sure that Tom was completely safe before climbing into her driver’s seat. She switched gears and drove smoothly to STC.

    Gillian went into this store and that store and in less than an hour she had about ten different bags from various stores. She knew that she had to go back home soon or else Ellen would worry terribly. But something lured her to go inside Sears, before heading towards one of the many exits. She knew that this would be last stop before going to her car. Then another something inside herself lingered towards the Men’s Cologne’s desk. She reached out for a bottle of Tommy Hilfiger and then…

    * * *

    Edison Chen trying to remember how he went through three years of his life without Gillian by his side. He had indeed loved her very deeply. But since she had needed more time, he gave her more time because it had proved just how much that he loved her. He couldn’t wait until the day that faith and destiny would bring them back together yet again.

    So instead of mourning over Gillian for 1095 days, he worked hard at being a doctor and worked hard to be a very loving father. (Jessica let Edison have custody over Michael and Natalie.) And he had been a proud father.

    He was now shopping at STC for a birthday present for Natalie. He had already bought her a plush animal from The Disney Store but something lured him to go inside Sears. Maybe it was the fact that he needed another bottle of cologne since he dropped the other one accidentally just the other day. He had found the Men’s Cologne’s desk. He reached out for a bottle of Tommy Hilfiger and then…

    * * *

    Another hand grabbed the exact same bottle as her. So Gillian immediately said, “You can have this bottle, its okay.”

    “Gillian?” the “stranger” called out.

    “Hmm?” Gillian looked up and saw Edison’s eager eyes staring at her she smiled weakly, “Hi.”

    “Gillian, it is you!” Edison smiled widely.

    “Yes,” Gillian tried to look away.

    “Faith and destiny has finally brought us back together,” Edison continued to smile as he made a small prayer of thanks to the God above.

    “Yeah,” was Gillian’s reply.

    “You do not know how happy, that I am to see you here. If I knew that buying Tommy Hilfiger would bring us together I would be here everyday, waiting for you,” Edison grinned.

    Fortunately, Tom called out, “Mama.” So Gillian did not have to answer. She bent down and picked up her child from the baby cart. “Edison, I would like you to meet my son, Tom.”

    Edison was shocked! His eyes were wide with terror, his mouth was open but he didn’t know what to say. But finally he said, “He’s your son?” he wanted to add your son with whom, but didn’t.

    “Yes,” Gillian kissed Tom’s puffy cheeks.

    “Can I escort you when you leave?” Edison asked hopefully.

    “I suppose so, if you want. But I’m going to go now,” Gillian said as she was about to place Tom back into the baby cart.

    “No, let me,” Edison offered as he pushed the cart. “I haven’t pushed one of these since Nat was a baby.”

    All Gillian could do was chuckle and smile.

    “So how have you been?” Edison tried to make small talk.

    “Good, how about you?” Gillian wasn’t interested in talking. She just enjoyed the presence of Edison.

    “Not too bad,” Edison lied.

    The two just walked when a girl dressed up as a Christmas elf walked up to them and asked if they would like to take a family portrait with their son. Gillian was about to explain that Edison wasn’t her husband when Tom cried out, “Picture, Mama, picture!” She sighed and smiled back at the elf. She didn’t know this but Edison was about to jump over the moon because, he was filled with so much happiness. With Tom sitting on a fake Santa Claus’s lap, and Edison and Gillian on either sides of the chair that ‘Santa’ sat in. they all smiled as Santa said merrily, “Merry Christmas, ho ho ho!”

    The elf gave Edison their picture and complimented that they looked very cute as a couple. Gillian blushed furiously and smile. She picked up Tom and started to walk swiftly towards the exit. And since Edison didn’t know where she parked her car, he would take some time to find them. She quickly put Tom in the backseat, she was so grateful that he was asleep, so she didn’t have to wrestle him. She closed the back door and walked around to the other side when…

    “Hi Gillian,” Edison started.

    Argh, so close yet so far, Gillian groaned. “Hi.”

    “Here you forgot your baby cart,” Edison said.

    “Oh, right,” Gillian nodded.

    “Gillian, there’s something that I have been meaning to give you,” Edison said mysteriously.

    “What is it?” Gillian asked, almost afraid to ask. Half of her didn’t want to know, the other half was just bursting with curiosity.

    “This,” Edison leaned forward and bent down, giving her a long, searching yet meaningful kiss that has been bottled inside of him for so long as he hugged her tightly almost possessively.

    Gillian tried hard not to enjoy the kiss but how was it possible not to enjoy a kiss? A low moan managed to escape her lips. Abruptly, Edison broke off the kiss but his hands were still on her face. She tried hard to look away avoiding his hellfire glare.

    “Why are you avoiding me? Why are you running away?” Edison asked as his face soften to match his gentle voice.

    “I’m not avoiding you, and certainly I’m not running away, I have decided to stay,” Gillian smiled as one of her hands touched Edison’s face, making sure to herself that he was her’s for keeps and that he was real.

    “Good, I’m glad because, we have so much to do,” Edison grinned wickedly.

    “Oh, and what would that be, Doctor Chen?” Gillian said playfully.

    “For example, I am going to make love to you until you limp,” Edison replied with a cocky grin.

    “Ah, come on,” Gillian felt her face turn red.

    “Hey, we are almost husband and wife, you know,” Edison defended.

    “True, so let’s just pick up where we left off,” Gillian suggested.

    “That would take us back to the altar then,” Edison replied.

    “Sure, why not?” Gillian answered quickly. “I’m not going to play runaway bride away.”

    “Good, because I don’t want you to,” Edison gave her another mind-numbing kiss.

    “I’m sorry that I left you,” Gillian apologized.

    “If you finally walk up that aisle with me, then you are forgotten,” Edison proposed.

    “Well I guess that I am going to have. Technically speaking, I do have your child,” Gillian smiled.

    ”You mean… Tom is… ” Edison couldn’t find the right words.

    “Yup,” Gillian nodded.

    “I love you, you know that?” Edison asked.

    “I have always known that,” Gillian whispered as he pulled her in for a hug.

    “No more running away then, sweetheart?” Edison murmured into her ear.

    “Nope, I’m tried of running,” Gillian answered and she was at last happy.

    * * *

    Edward Chung had died of a heartache after Gillian had left Edison at the altar. All of his fortune went to his daughters but Gillian refused to keep a penny of her no good son of a bitch father’s. Jessica felt the same way as her twin did so all of his money was donated to a variety of charities.

    * * *

    Nicholas and Jessica weren’t married but they were living happily together. Edison and Gillian on the other hand gotten married in the springtime and lived happily with all of their children. Gillian and Jessica are best friends again and all is right as rain…

    The End…

    [Or at least for now, muwahaha.]


    Now, that is the ending of ‘Deceptions.’ Hehe, I am finally finished! Whoo-hoo! I am so happy. Now I might start another story now that this is finished, but then again, I do have ‘Roses For Eternity’ on my hands, so yeah. Does anyone want to collaborate with me and write a story? If yes, just leave a little note and your e-mail address on my comments’ page. Thank you. =] Again, I am so happy! A many thanks to everyone who have supported me throughout this story! ^-^ Any comments?

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