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    schoolgirl wrote:Chapter 8

    A 15 Year Favor
    Chapter 9 A 15 Year Favor


    “Jessie?” Gillian called out to her sister as she ran to catch up with her. “Hey, are you alright?”

    “Yeah, sure, of course. Why wouldn't I be?” Jessica asked off handedly as she sat down on a nearby public bench.

    “Well okay if you say so, never mind then.” Gillian answered as she too sat down next to her twin sister on the bench. “Forget I even asked, if that’s the case then.”

    “Gillie?” Jessica asked softly.

    “Yes?” Gillian replied promptly.

    “Hey, do you remember something that happened fifteen years ago?” Jessica grinned.

    “Hmm?” Gillian seemed perplexed.

    “A certain someone caught the flu and she couldn't go on a date with Ricky Harper, the football captain, the hottest guy and senior in all of Glenbrook High,” Jessica started slyly.

    “Oh my gosh, that,” Gillian blushed terribly. “I remember now! Ricky finally asked me out and then I had to catch a cold from dancing in the rain that night because, I was just so happy and high.”

    “Yup and Ellen wouldn't let you out of your bed. So you couldn't even go near him if you wanted,” Jessica mused. “So then you begged me to go out on your date with Ricky, that way he won't feel that you have stood him up.”

    “I know where this is going,” Gillian grinned. “Then you agreed but I had to owe you big time, whenever you want. And since then you never asked me for anything, so here you are. Time to pay the piper.”

    “You are so good at this. You so completely read my mind,” Jessica said.

    “But of course, I'm your older sister, I should know what's going on inside that brain of yours. So what's the favor, Jessica?” Gillian knew that she was going to regret this but still. A promise was a promise, no matter how long and old it was. Despite the long fifteen years.

    “I thought that you knew what was going on inside my head?” Jessica grinned.

    “Hey, I was having a moment, let me be,” Gillian clicked her tongue.

    “I want to trade lives with you for a week,” was Jessica’s simple yet demanding request.

    “A whole week?!” Gillian questioned. “As in twenty-four hours for seven straight days in a row?!”

    “Yup,” Jessica replied and added in an amused sort of tone. “Or at least that’s what I remember as a full week.”

    Gillian sighed deeply and nodded yes. She had promised to do whatever Jessica had wanted if she would just go on that one date with Ricky. “Fine, I just had to be in love with Ricky Harper then.” Gillian sighed again. Then something struck her. She still had that bandage on her finger! Nicholas must have noticed but then why did he still kiss her when he knew that she wasn’t at dinner with him last night. “But we can’t switch until my finger is fully healed.”

    “Sure, no problem,” Jessica said. “I mean it is your decision.”

    “Okay then,” Gillian understood.

    “And just so you know, I had a wonderful time with him on that date,” Jessica added haughtily.

    “Yeah, I’m sure that you did,” Gillian tried to smile.

    “Well I got to go check in, so see you later.” Jessica got and left her.

    “Wait a date with who?” Gillian asked. “Were you talking about Ricky or Nicholas? Which one though?” Oh what have I done now? Gillian asked herself. She smack the bench hard! “Ow,” she managed to whimper out.

    “Ouch, that has got to hurt,” a voice spoke up.

    Oh no, it couldn’t be. It just can’t, maybe I’m wrong. She dreaded, please let me be wrong. Gillian looked in the direction of the sound and saw him: Nicholas Tse, standing there, grinning his little cocky smile.

    “Hi,” Gillian smiled awkwardly.

    “Hi,” Nicholas replied back. “So how are you?”

    “Good, I guess,” Gillian shrugged and thought to herself, how can I be good? Argh, this is so torture. Jessica always gets what she wants. First she got Edison and now she’s gotten Nicholas! Life is so unfair! How come the younger child always gets whatever she wants whenever she desires.

    “Hey, I know that look,” Nicholas acknowledged carefully. “That is not an okay look. I might not have known you for a long time, but I know when something is wrong. I can sense it.”

    “Look, I don’t want to talk about it, okay?” Gillian snapped.

    “Okay, I’m sorry. But if you need someone to talk or to listen to your problems, I’m going to be here for you,” Nicholas promised.

    “Okay,” Gillian nodded. “I kind of noticed by now.”

    “Well I guess that I should go now, give you some time to yourself then,” Nicholas offered.

    “Thanks,” Gillian called out.

    “Later,” Nicholas said.

    “Bye,” Gillian replied.

    * * *

    Nicholas Tse was a pretty smart guy. The woman that he had dinner with hadn’t fooled him. He knew that that woman was not Gillian Chung. One because, she was so seductive and flirty and two, she wasn’t wearing no bandage. So therefore, he knew that the woman he had dinner was Jessica Chen and not Gillian Chung. However the woman that he had passionately kissed and tightly embraced just earlier this morning was indeed the one and only Gillian.

    And the woman that captured his beloved heart was Gillian and not her twin sister Jessica.


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