Intersection - CIV (32 chapters - complete)

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  • Contents
    Chapter 1: And the two meet
    Chapter 2: Looks CAN kill
    Chapter 3: Prince Charming without the Charm
    Chapter 4: Not that bad after all
    Chapter 5: Mission Impossible
    Chapter 6: Jealousy
    Chapter 7: Heart to Heart
    Chapter 8: Grapefruit Hunt
    Chapter 9: Success on the third
    Chapter 10: A whole new meaning to bad intentions
    Chapter 11: A chance
    Chapter 12: One week
    Chapter 13: Day 1: Damsel in Distress
    Chapter 14: Day 1&1/2: MHK and a surprise
    Chapter 15: Day 2: Their beginning
    Chapter 16: Day 3 : But you can't have everything
    Chapter 17: Day 4: Interruption
    Chapter 18: Day 5: A big baby who won't admit defeat
    Chapter 19: Day 6: Trouble ahead
    Chapter 20: Day 7: Impact
    Chapter 21: Moonlight
    Chapter 22: One night stand
    Chapter 23: Enlightened
    Chapter 24: On standby
    Chapter 25: Very, very good friends
    Chapter 26: Somewhat hopeful
    Chapter 27: Thinking
    Chapter 28: A sigh of relief
    Chapter 29: Confrontation
    Chapter 30: Angels on a mission
    Chapter 31: Cruel, cruel world
    Chapter 32: Picture perfect ~The End~


    Don't kill me yet guys!! I know, a new story is the last thing i should do, but i can't help it when i get a rushing inspiration to start a new story! But don't worry, i will still be updating Destination : Death /DestinationD
    It's just that i need to get this down.

    Title: Intersection

    Michelle Yip
    Raymond Lam

    Bosco Wong
    Leila Tong
    Fiona Sit
    Sammul Chan
    Nancy Wu
    Ron Ng

    She’s just another female addition to the female population in the world.

    He’s a girl’s dream come true. He’s young, incredibly handsome, charming, and eligible. He can have any female he wants. One wink from him and the girls will melt at his feet.

    She wanted nothing but to lead an ordinary life as an ordinary girl, but things never turn out the way you want it to. Her mother died at an early age, her father was a bastard. From then on, she viewed the world through a different window.

    The two meet and sparks fly.

    Eligible bachelors are always surrounded by the female species, and he was no exception.

    Envy, jealousy and hatred can only lead to one thing: accidents.

    When two cars collide at an intersection, it will only lead to one thing.

    When three meet at an intersection, it can only cause one thing.

    When jealousy and love intersects, things get ugly.

    The story of four, and their destinies.

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