In Too Deep - Tori Carrington (completed)

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  • Tori Carrington
    In Too Deep


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    It's springtime again, and Alannah White has returned to Ben Edwards's bed in her own unique fashion. Ben is tired of Alannah breezing in and out of his life for a few weeks of the year, and this time he plans to tell her so. But when he feels her familiar warmth against his body, he knows that he'll gladly play the lustful fool this one, last time. He just wishes she would talk to him about the secret from her past that haunts her, and the scars that mark her body.

    Alannah knows her mysterious behavior is hurting Ben, but she can't seem to stop herself, and she can't seem to stay put. Ben's the only man who has ever made her wonder what life might be like if she stopped running from her traumatic past and finally planted her own roots. But she can't help thinking Ben deserves a woman who can give him the home and family he's always craved.

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