You're all that i ever wanted - Ling (51/51)

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  • Contents
    Chapter 1: Ximen
    Chapter 2: David and Felicity
    Chapter 3: Xiao You
    Chapter 4: Past, Present and Future
    Chapter 5: Matchmaking
    Chapter 6: Just a note...
    Chapter 7: VS
    Chapter 8: Returning to Taiwan
    Chapter 9: Meeting Rainie Yang
    Chapter 10: Catching up
    Chapter 11: Camaraderie
    Chapter 12: Working together
    Chapter 13: Stomach ulcer
    Chapter 14: Whispers in the air
    Chapter 15: Woes
    Chapter 16: Answers
    Chapter 17: The truth
    Chapter 18: Questions
    Chapter 19: Desire
    Chapter 20: Weddings of the Dao Mings and Hua Zes
    Chapter 21: Madness
    Chapter 22: Marriage terms
    Chapter 23: Risks
    Chapter 24: Shock
    Chapter 25: Confusion
    Chapter 26: The surprise
    Chapter 27: A taste of heaven
    Chapter 28: Families
    Chapter 29: Helping him
    Chapter 30: Chapter 28 & 29
    Chapter 31: Disappointments
    Chapter 32: Doubts
    Chapter 33: Protecting himself
    Chapter 34: Problems unsolved
    Chapter 35: Despair
    Chapter 36: The inevitable
    Chapter 37: One more time, yet again
    Chapter 38: Bliss
    Chapter 39: Worries
    Chapter 40: Complications
    Chapter 41: The divorce
    Chapter 42: You're all that i ever wanted
    Chapter 43: Their love
    Chapter 44: Trepidation
    Chapter 45: At death's door
    Chapter 46: When you believe
    Chapter 47: Daddy duties
    Chapter 48: Uncertainties
    Chapter 49: Desperation
    Chapter 50: Epilogue: Ever After
    Chapter 51: Acknowledgements


    Firstly, this is my first time trying to write a fan fiction for my favourite screen couple.. Ken and Rainie! So, please, please give me your support because i really need them!

    The story would revolve around F4, especially Ximen and Xiao You as they travel through the journey of love, family and friendship.

    Main characters:

    Ximen (Ken)
    Xiao You (Rainie)

    Dao Ming Si (Jerry)
    San Chai (Barbie)

    Meizhuo (Vanness)
    Xiao Qiao (Pace)

    Lei (Vic)
    Jing (Winnie)

    Xu Zeya (Ambrose Hsu)
    Yi Tian Bian (Angela Zhang)

    Supporting characters:

    F4s' and their partners' parents

    Xu Ruo Gu (Grandfather of Xu Zeya)

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