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  • Paradise Kiss focuses on the life of Yukari, a high school student who is studying for her college entrance exams. Her life is based on the education formula which means...good scores + good college = good job = Success!!. It seems as if her life is set...until she runs into a group of Yazawa art students who want her to model their line of clothing "Paradise Kiss". The longer Yukari stays with the group the more she realizes there is more to life than an education and a job
    she fall in love with the leader guy in the group, and so madly that she quit school and move in with him after her mother disagreed. she discover her joy in modeling and dertermind to become a model. but life is not that easy for Yukari,her boyfriend ex suddenly pop up and what relationship do he have with his parents? will she win her love and will she finally be model?
    check it out! it a great manga for fashion and love
    [img] ../m-parakiss.jpg[/img]
    [img] img/paradise.jpg[img]
    [img] pics/112720888_small.jpg[/img]

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  • wow, mình rất thích :blush: In love nhưng Nana hay hơn (cùng tác giả Paradise Kiss) . Nana nói về 2 cô gái cùng tên (ya, nana) nhưng tính cách hoàn toàn trái ngược nhau . Là câu chuyện của những cô cậu 20 tuổi , quan hệ rắc rối , lằng nhằng ... nhưng sống hết mình theo cách tốt nhất họ thấy . Đặc biệt là quan hệ giữa 2 Nana , nhiều lúc mình cảm thấy họ không chỉ đơn thuần là bạn , một Nana mang tính độc chiếm và 1 thì quá nhí nhảnh (Confused ???) . Nói chung rất đáng đọc nhất là khi bạn có 1 đứa bạn thân và luôn muốn nó chỉ thân với mình .. haha.
    Nét vẽ có thay đổi một chút so với Paradise Kiss, về cốt truyện cũng phát triển theo triều hướng người lớn hơn . 18+ :)

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  • link này làm sao dùng, chỉ coi

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  • sao mà tui ko thể nào dl đuợc phipm vây nẻ

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  • ok! now i know how to post pictutẹ
    here are some picture of paradise kiss

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  • character info

    Yukari Hayasaka
    The Heroine of our story!
    Yukari is studying for her
    College entrance exams...
    That is until she runs into the
    students from Yazawa.

    Arashi Nagase
    The Guitarist as well as Miwako's
    boyfriend. He's the most well
    rounded of all the characters of
    PK. Although, he does have a
    bit of a jealous streak.

    Isabella "The Pattern Designer" is
    one of the most mysterious
    characters next to George. We
    don't hear much about his past
    (until volume 4). He is the
    mother figure of the group, baking
    all kinds for delicacies for PK.

    Miwako Sakurada
    Miwako is Yukari's best friend to
    be! Although she looks and acts
    like a child at times she is the
    most loyal. Her sister Mikako is
    the president of the "Happy
    Berry" brand.

    George Koizumi
    The Hero of the story (I guess)! He
    is VERY mysterious. George has
    the ability of being very blunt! This
    man gets what he wants. Which
    can be a good or bad thing. The
    "Boss" of the PK group he takes
    honors classes at Yaza.
    credit to: Site owned by Sabrina Tech
    Paradise Kiss belongs to Ai Yazawa

    here are the first summaries of volume 1

    Yukari wants nothing more than to make her parents happy by studying hard and getting into a good college. One afternoon, however, she is kidnapped by a group of self-styled fashionistas calling themselves "Paradise Kiss." Yukari suddenly finds herself flung into the roller-coaster life of the fashion world, guided by George, art-snob extraordinaire. In a glamorous makeover of body, mind and soul, she is turned from a hapless bookworm into her friends own exclusive clothing model. in this volume we also learn that she have a crush on her classmate name [i think hero]. but after meeting with george, Yukari not so certain anymorẹ [ Geogre are very cute with charming personality and blue hair, he very stylish and have piercing]. well us girl Yukari first think this idea of modeling is crazy so she storm off. but in the end she have to come back because she forget her school ID. after the group have transform her to princess and convince her nonstop, she finally agree to make this a trỵ

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  • you have more?

  • ichigo

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  • nay minh chua doc duoc =(( thay dep lam ^-^

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  • i hva now----someone?

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  • is it in french; i cánt read french.

  • Akane

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  • Đạy là truyện của HQ ha pà kon???

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  • HQ?? nhìn nét vẽ thế mà nào mà nói vậy ?? :( Thực ra manhwa và manga cũng khác nhau lắm .Nhìn nét vẽ và đọc cốt truyện cũng có thể phân biệt khá nhiều nếu bạn để ý . Ở Vn trước giờ có truyện Nhật , Hàn Quốc , Đài Loan và Trung Quốc khá nhiều , nhìn chung đều có phong cách riêng có thể phân biệt rõ ràng .

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  • I just read the translation of last chapter. Not a happy ending :(

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  • ai có link coi truyện này cho mình với

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