Mars manga!!!!! have you see it yet?

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  • hi every one Laugh of loud ! today i want to introduce to you another great manga one of my favorite called "Mars" {no not the planet mars but the title mean "mars the god of War"
    it have 15 volume and have made in movie call " anh hùng xa lộ"
    startting: CHU DU DÂ" VIc in F4" go and check out the movie too. you will fall in love with it :blush:
    the sound track are great too! and of course check out the manga!
    i will try to find the summaries for each volume Grin
    introduce :)
    Mars is about a good girl fall in love with a bad boy. Us good girl ASO Kira is your everyday good school girl, she is very quite and shy,and seem to be afraid of men[ like if a guy touch her, she will be scare and run away] one day she was drawing in a park when suddenly a guy come up to her and ask for direction. His name is KASHINO Rei. He is the most popular and hottest guy in school and have a reputation on being bad.[he drive a motocycle and flirt with girl alot. and even a older classmate in his school are scare of him]. Us Kira quickly draw the map in the back of her picture and give it to him, then she hurry home, lefting us guy Rei standing and confused. when Kira get home, her heart beat so fast? she wonder why and us story continue on..... will she fall in love with us bad boy Rei? or he break her heart just like all his ex. and what happend to them when Rei past coming back to hunt him? [did i mention Rei have a twin?] Confused ???
    Aso Kira
    Sixteen-year old artist. Lives alone with her mother. Quiet, shy, and sensitive -- but discovers that she has a hidden strength in her love for Rei.

    Kashino Rei
    Sixteen-year old motorcycle biker. Athletic, popular, attractive -- most people see him as a "bad boy," but all he wants is to enjoy life and have fun, as well as to forget the secrets of his dark past.

    Rei's best friend. Also went to middle school with Kira, on whom he had a secret crush on. Skateboarder. A trustworthy confidante of both Kira and Rei.

    A classmate of Kira and Rei. Originally, she was extremely resentful of the attention Kira was receiving from Rei, so much so that she even resorted to bullying and threatening Kira. However, once she realized that Rei would never look at her that way, she instead became Kira's staunchest defender and closest friend.


    Rei's mentor and racing coach. First appeared in Volume 1. Had a racing accident and needed to have a foot amputated, thus ending his motorcycle racing career. Husband of Kyoko.

    Akitaka's wife. Another fellow bike racer. Very fond of Rei and only wishes for him to be happy.

    Rei's girlfriend before Kira. A senior, one year ahead of them. Rei breaks up with her in Volume 2; she obviously isn't pleased.

    Another student artist, a year ahead of Kira and Rei. First and only appearance in Volume 2. A very insecure and sensitive male who overhears Rei's criticism of his painting, and in jealousy, steals one of Kira's sketches to enter in a painting competition.

    The leader of the third-year students who beat Rei up in v. 2 in retaliation for punching Kurasawa. In later volumes, he becomes one of Rei's buddies because of their shared interest in motorbikes. Works as a truck driver for his family's moving company after graduating from high school.

    Rei's girlfriend from middle school. First appearance at the end of Volume 3, when she cries as she sees Kira's "Mars" painting. Wants to get him back, but realizes that he's too in love with Kira.

    One of Rei's classmates from middle-school. First appeared in Volume 4, accompanying Shiori to see Rei.

    A first-year student who develops an obsession with Rei because of a previous incident where Rei saved him from being beat up by bullies. Tries to break up Rei and Kira's relationship by attempting to stab Kira in v. 7.

    Rei's neighbor. According to Rei, he only looks tough but he's actually a really sweet guy.

    Rei's upstairs neighbor. A transvestite who helps Kira get all dolled up when she first moved in with Rei.

    In the Japanese edition, her name is Sumire.

    Takayuki's secretary. First appears in v. 9 to relay a message to Rei from his father.

    In the English edition, she is also introduced as Rei's stepmother/Takayuki's wife.


    Kira's mother
    Widowed by Kira's father, the man she remarries turns out to be abusive to both her and Kira. She is first against their relationship, thinking that Rei is a motorcycle gang member, but later realizes he is the best person for Kira.

    Kira's stepfather
    An abusive man who raped Kira when she was younger. Vehemently against Rei and Kira's relationship, he wants for Kira to leave Rei and return to live at home.

    Rei's mother
    A painter, from whom Sei acquired his artistic skills. Died when the twins were very young.

    Kashino Sei
    Rei's twin brother, who committed suicide by jumping off the roof of their junior high school the day before their birthday.

    Kashino Takayuki
    Rei's father. A rich and successful businessman, whom Kira met by accident (in Volume 5) when she was displaying the "Mars" painting at an exhibit.

    Original art and story ©1996 Fuyumi Soryo / Kôdansha. New and adapted artwork and text ©2002 Mixx Entertainment, Inc. This page intended for entertainment purposes only -- nothing made for profit.

    here some picture from the movie

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  • wow do you have it ? could you share

  • nilucky

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  • Bạn có chứ?? Drooling Mình nghe đến Mars khá lâu rồi , phim Zai Zai đóng tên Việt là "Chiến thần" ... không biết bao giờ mới được coi Angry .
    Ai đó có link cho xin nha Grin Grin , làm phúc hưởng phúc đó

  • nilucky

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  • Haha ... mình có 2 chapter đầu tiên của MARS, muốn xem thử chứ ??
    Laugh of loud Laugh of loud Grin
    Cho hỏi chút , hongan chỉ mới post 6 lần sao có được $707 ?? Kiếm tiền cách nào vậy ?? Blinking Ranting Ranting

  • Blackstar

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  • Blackstar có nguyên bộ truyện này luôn :D
    15 tập Laugh Laugh of loud hay lám !!

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  • woow seems cool Grin

  • yunis_12

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  • i read the whole entire series but inever knew that there was a movie

  • phuong1107

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  • Blackstar wrote:Blackstar có nguyên bộ truyện này luôn :D
    15 tập Laugh Laugh of loud hay lám !!

    Wow còn không biết nữa, share cho anh em xem đi. Mình cũng tò mò xem phim này quá. Mà hình như phim đóng là hai diễn viên trong Hoa viên sao băng à

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  • hey in the MYE phim they have the movie too peoplẹ i just saw it. just try to find ịt the movie is really cool. and yes the main character are in Metero Garden

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  • Mình xem truyện này rồi. Hay lắm

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  • Just read volume 1. It's very good. It seems less childish than many shoujo manga out there, for volume 1 at least. It has same flow as Eternal Sabbath, another manga of the same author.

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  • Gosh!!! pl stop saying "i hav the book" and start up it up plz {nong long lam roi pà con oi!!!!] Devil Evil Evil

  • beconlonton

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  • Gosh!!! pl stop saying "i hav the book" and start up it up plz {nong long lam roi pà con oi!!!!] Devil Evil Evil

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  • watched all the serie, and i think accvn is hosting it!! ANYONE KNOW HOW TO READ MANGA THERE?

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