Angel Sanctuary

  • holytinh9duoi

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  • Có bạn nào biết thông tin về bộ truyện này (đọc online, nội dung ...) làm ơn giúp hồ ly với, hồ ly mê bộ này từ xưa xửa xừa xưa rồi mà kiếm hòai ko ra :(( Truyện kể về những thiên thần gây chiến với nhau, rồi thù địch, tình yêu ... khá phức tạp nhưng cực kỳ hấp dẫn
    Pls help, thx so much.

  • buddyee

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  • The review and summary are based on what i remembered from the scanslation I read around 2 years ago.

    *Spoiler warning*
    Setsuna and Sara are brother and sister but they love each other as man and woman. At the early part of the series, it is revealed Setsuna is the reincarnation of angel Alexei, who lost the fight against God. Later, Sarah was killed. Setsuna cooperate with a princess from the upper world of hell in the war against heaven to rescue Sarah's soul and control his own fate. From here, some of surprising facts are revealed. Sarah is the reincarnation of Gabriel, the arch angel controlling water. Kira, a close friend of Setsuna, is the soul kept in the sword Alexei used in the war against god, which turns out to be the soul of Lucifel or Lucifer, the leader of Hell. At the end of the series, Setsuna finds out how angel is born or rather created in research lab. And a shocking truth about the true face of God is revealed. God is just a machine.
    *end of spoiler*

    In my opinion, one of the main themes is incest. Setsuna and Gabriel DID commit incest. Love between angels are also considered as incest by God. Angels are forbidden to love and if they do, they will be punished with the worst punishment possible. Forbidden love, hate and revenge are the sources of the war between Heaven and Hell, and the struggle for power within Heaven.
    As I said earlier, this manga deals with two sensitive issue, religion and incest. So if you are a Christian or sensitive with incest, you may feel uncomfortable or completely unbearable.
    The series shows us talents of its creator, Kaori Yuki, both in plot and arts. The plot has a lot of mysteries and twists, which are reavealed gradually throughout the story. The arts is also very nice although it sometimes is disturbing.
    Btw, if you like this series, you should try her other works including Count Kain, some other short stories.

  • black2cat

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  • BEST MANGA EVER, BEST ART, with a real original story line, i cánt imagine why it took so long to be published in the USẠ

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